Welcome to the new U.P site! A project about daily change can't stay the same forever, right? Well now is the time for that makeover. We will be rolling out the new U.P website this week, so please bear with the little hiccups while we get there. What you will see is not just a design revamp, but also a categorical reorganization of the past 2 years of U.P adventures. Add to that a much-needed upgrade of our technology framework to accommodate for more flexible content updates, and presto, welcome to U.P's whole new look. You will notice that there are a few things missing, but you will also discover a lot of new features… Get the the full update >

Uniform Project was born in May 2009, when one girl pledged to wear a Little Black Dress for 365 days as an exercise in sustainable fashion. Designed to also be a fundraiser for the education of underprivileged children in India, the project acquired millions of visitors worldwide and raised over $100k for the cause. U.P then continued into Year 2 with a monthly series of select Pilots taking on the 1-Dress challenge for causes of their choice. Today, women around the world continue to take on the 1 Dress challenge and wear U.P LBDs as an expression of socially conscious fashion. Get the Full Story >

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A grassroots non-profit founded over 20 years ago devoted to bringing progressive education and guidance to slum children.

Charity: water brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations through a transparent 100% model.

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Friends of U.P.

The eBay Green Team has supported U.P from early on, through various fund boosting initiatives and vintage donations.

A high-concept sustainable label from Tara St. James, a dear friend of U.P and one of our earliest supporters.

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Here’s where we showcase all the U.P-inspired projects worldwide. Learn more and start your own LBD challenge.

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