Take on a U.P challenge

[Note to all the DIY-ers who've written to us: Expect an email from us soon with a proper update!]

The Scoop

In an effort to support all the U.P inspired efforts that are happening out there, we have created this space to promote your individual action. We currently have a running list of UP-ers doing their own version of the LBD challenge. We will be updating this space shortly with a shout out to all those fundraisers.

How to get started

If you’re planning to take on a 1-Dress challenge be sure to send us all your details in an email, so we can promote you here. If you’ve already written and haven’t heard back from us, fret not, we’ve been a bit buried getting the new site framework up, you’ll be hearing from us very soon!

We’re currently formulating a best practices guide for anyone who wishes to take on the U.P challenge. Watch this space for updates coming shortly.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of a handful of spirited ladies in Amsterdam who decided to do a U.P LBD pop up event. LBD : AMS >