1 dress, 5 hours, 45 girls, hundreds of smiles, millions of possibilities.

In October 2010, Amsterdam International Fashion week approached WeArePi, an AMS based creative agency, to do something fun to support their Green Fashion Competition block party – VitaVirto. With free reign handed to them, Pi decided to put on a social fashion experience for U.P. The event was a huge success. Despite the Amsterdam snow, they managed to dress, make-up, and shoot 50 girls. Through the principle of ‘one dress a million possibilities’ the event coined as ‘LBD:AMS’, brought a pocket of Amsterdam to life, and pulled hundreds of people together.

The idea was simple: Hold a public fashion shoot using only The Uniform Project’s LBD as the centre-piece, during Amsterdam International Fashion Week’s VitaVerto street festival, then live upload the shoot selects to Facebook, showing the world how much fun was, and can be had. We rented an empty store on the Utrechtestraat and turned the façade into a fashion theatre show. Passers by gathered around the huge single-pane window to watch other female members of the public being shot by professional photographer Yamandu Roos. Enticed by the spectacle, warmth (it was snowing outside!). Once inside girls were escorted upstairs to the changing room, stylist boutique, and makeup closet where our professional team did them up in a variety of different ways. The results will be used as part of The Uniform Project launch campaign coming soon to Europe!

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Coming soon: AMS Pilot Series

We have been chatting a lot with Pi who is about to embark on their own version of the Pilot Series scheduled to go live. We will be posting updates soon. Standby!