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Uniform Project was born in May 2009, when one girl pledged to wear a Little Black Dress for 365 days as an exercise in sustainable fashion. Designed to also be a fundraiser for the education of underprivileged children in India, the project acquired millions of visitors worldwide and raised over $100k for the cause. U.P then continued into Year 2 with a monthly series of select Pilots taking on the 1-Dress challenge for causes of their choice. Today, women around the world continue to take on the 1 Dress challenge and wear U.P LBDs as an expression of socially conscious fashion. Get the Full Story >

Diving deep

Posted on: January 1st, 1970 by admin No Comments

Around 1PM today I’ll be casting off my LBD and diving


Into a dark and uncomfortably familiar emotional abyss. I’ll be once again teaming up with my friend Clayton Haskell to shoot an experimental environmental short. The last piece we did was an epic short fashion-film on honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder for ABOVE that you can view here. (Please note: There is nudity, but done beautifully and expressively – quite secondary to the message, as you will soon see).

I have great respect for Clay’s work and had looked a long time for a videographer whom I could trust, work collaboratively with, and push creative boundaries when it comes to cutting edge video, environmental messages, and avant-garde beauty and fashion. This time we’ll be doing a short film that’s inspired by a rather poignant speech I’ve given in the recent past. I hope to share it with all of you in the coming months…

For the short time I’ll be in my LBD I’ve created a vested-cape. I believe one of you had asked for something worn w/trousers. I have heard your request – so here it is: Silk high-waisted pants by John Patrick’s Organic, whose collection this season was just impeccably delicious. Vintage Frenchie blouse from FistCityVintage; Isabel Toledo for Payless kitten heels; and a vintage cap compliments of the Ebay Green Team.

Diving to: Dishwasher by Fujiya and Miyagi

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