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Under the Clock Tower

Posted on: January 1st, 1970 by admin No Comments

The Coach bus pulled into Cornell’s Theatre Arts Center around 9:25PM last night, just in time for me to stop in the Vietnamese restaurant to get “my usual.” I’ve been out of college for some time, but the owner remembers me so it’s always welcoming to drop in and say “Hello.” Does he remember all the faces that pass through his little restaurant? One may never know.

I opened my windows wide this morning and the sun’s strong white ladyfingers stretched through the gauzy curtains. An elderly passerby cast the longest shadow over the sidewalk and into the gardens. A thin crust of snow clung to the frigid ground. The walls of Comstock, which housed Tom’s office, formidably stand above all other edifices. I hope to see someone there today, anyone really… I want to know whether he had his beautiful mind up until he passed. It’s a peace of mind that I can’t quite explain, but am determined to find out.

Then a few meetings on campus, a few reminiscent moments with my professors, former colleagues and then my two talks…

I can honestly say that Cornell holds a very special place in my heart. A sudden shudder of realization overtook me last time I was here in December – I’d never come back here to study…the walls became too small, too controlling long ago, but I will always remember them as the education that helped set me free as a teenager…

Today’s dress: Silk, Italian-made Gucci blazer worn over the LBD with loosely ruffled bottom and a deep V-neck for one of the most exquisite re-created vintage jewelry pieces I’ve seen in a long time (Thea Grant); black nylon ankle socks (Stockingirl); and Lela Rose Bolivar wedge with loosely woven basket-weaving for Payless.

Song: The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice

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