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April 10

This day belongs to Allison.
"You are beautiful and fabulous Sheena! This project is beyond wonderful!"
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Day 356. Wed, April 21 2010

10 days and counting

Unveiling the last 10 days of U.P, bringing you random moments from our wonderful city of New York. Stumbled upon this local with impeccable style today. Me in a pair of parachute pants found in Goa & pumps from Odd Twin.

The U.P's 1 year in stop-motion: Watch, share, re-tweet and help us amp up the donations in these last few days!
Watch the Picture Book >


One girl, One dress, 365 frames: @UniformProject's Picture Book movie

P.S LBD Friday in 2 days!


bloo tagged this Constructive

I love the suspenders and hat!

noa tagged this adorable.

you both look great

wasabipear tagged this Impeccable

The subtle splash of stark white paint on the right knee reminds me of love lost.

scary. tagged this hot like a fire.

tell me you got his number ... ;)

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sophie B

brilliant colors for an old brick wall

v tagged this Cute

I love the expressions on your faces! "Yeah we're cool, whatchu gonna do about it!" :) Very partners-in-crimeish. And I love those parachute pants!

LR tagged this Brave

Fantastic pants!

Judith tagged this Brave

Don't know which I like more his hat or his 'braces!'


Oh, Sheena, we're gonna miss you heaps! Big congratulations to the team, LOVE the picture book!

christine tagged this brain freeze

love love love the picture book. and today's pictures. and that it's lbd friday in two days. and and and...


what will I do with out you...this has just been a great bit of fun. Thanks for making so many bright spots in my days.

Ashton tagged this Cute

Love this outfit and love the Picture Book! In fact, I'd love to buy a copy of a book with the images of all your outfits, Sheena, to flip through for inspiration in the years to come as I wear my own Ltd LBD!

Payal tagged this Love.

Oooh Sheena that was a brave move...he almost stole your thunder there! :) Everything about today's shot is just fantastic. The Picture Book is brilliant! While I was there I had a look at the video from the kids. All I can say is, I'm very proud of myself now. And I'm very proud of the UP team and UPers. Yesss LBD Friday!

Opiopi tagged this Whoop there it is!

Final year of law school and your project has been a welcome diversion. Thank you very much and if you could extend it a few weeks until the end of exams I would be much obliged...

maya tagged this the local takes the cake

i would like to call it beauty... beauty...beauty...

Beth tagged this Cute

Love, love, love, love, love! This is a great concept--pairing yourself with willing charming souls. The outfit, as usual, is marvelous. The parachute pants are delicious.

Helen G tagged this Sassy

Ah, you will be missed! Love the expression on your face -- and the outfit's great, too.

Babz tagged this priceless

I have been following from the beginning. there have been many many high points (no low points for me). These pics are priceless. The VERY BEST. So did you manage to acquire that hat from him???? Will we see it tomorrow?

gruvee tagged this lurve

love the picture book!

JessicaR tagged this Tune In This Fall

If this is not a teaser for a quirky cop show about a by the book veteran and his sprightly new partner solving crimes in the garment district I'm going to be sorely dissapointed. Perhaps the title will be A Stitch in Crime?


LOVE the Picture Book! And The The is one of my favorite bands, so it adds to the slideshow. It's so great to see how much the $$ added up & I kept thinking what events caused it to jump (featured in NYT, holidays & eBay match, etc). I'm so glad I was able to be a small part by donating & winning auction items. Can't wait for the last 9 days, though I, like everyone else, am sad for it to end!

holly tagged this donationworthy

I had a big grin on my face watching the picture book video; for me that was worth another donation. it would be so great to see 200 kids in school by the end of april.

pradha tagged this Brave

love the picture book :)

prutha Raithatha tagged this Cute

sooooo incredibly cute!!!!

bb tagged this some revises

i want his hat and your pumps.

ina tagged this Expressive

love the "i'm ME" of both outfits - everything here rocks, rolls, and flies....

la tagged this Cute

Hi Sheena How about providing us the pattern fo rthe dress so that those of us who cant afford to pay for can sew one ourselves?

Irene tagged this Artsy

I LOVE it! And I love youor featured model, the both of you totally make this picture quirky and fun.

rowch tagged this Cute

Go Sheena, go Sheena, go, go, go Sheena!

speedy tagged this my fave so far :)

hahaha.. great pictures!

BethBG tagged this super

Love love love the look today! It's nice to see you out and about and with companions!

Nat tagged this Chik

hey Sheena. First of all, wanna say you "thank you". Not all the volunteers do such a great job as you did! Then, i have a question. Reading your posts, i decided to do something useful. You know, what it feels like, when you realize that you ARE happy while others are NOT? So, i have a problem with this. I live in Belarus. Could you please help me do something? Thank you.

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Hot

Oh my God... I can't believe that is ending! I'm gonna miss you Sheena. And those shoes are faaaaaabulous

Eléonore tagged this Batty

Hey Sheena ! I'm French ( I live in the south of france ) and I am really great impressed by what you make ! It's amazing and you have such sense of style ! Xoxo ( Bonne chance, tu es super ! )

Linda tagged this Hot

Those pants are awesome, and the dress works so well as more of a jacket! I love how colorful everything is - it would perk up anyone's attitude! :-D

jolly M tagged this Hot

Fabulous look in your parachute &pants & the pumps.Umm...in the 3rd shot, you copied his pose-cute.. Big "congrats" to Monihan & Sheena for the picture book-Its done brilliantly.love it..

blackisback tagged this Hot

Love the pants!