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April 10

This day belongs to Peg.
"Glad to support the project. I'm looking forward to wearing the dress!"
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Day 362. Tue, April 27 2010

Avec Sans

Demented pants from the one and only Sans, made from reclaimed denim. Cuff made from reclaimed zippers by Tara St. James of Study NY.

Sunglasses donated by Kayu, a lovely ethical line of sunglasses handcrafted out of sustainable bamboo. For every pair of glasses sold, kayu funds one sight-restoring surgery for a blind person in the developing world. One for one. Learn more about Kayu at www.kayudesign.com. Who'll be the first to decode the braille?


holly tagged this always for the kids!


holly tagged this batty, brave, hot & cute

you are wearing something I have NEVER seen before. who'd'a thought?

Payal tagged this For the kids

It's all for the kids! Love the pants, demented as they are! But those sunnies...wow! What a look and what a cause! Love it!

Payal tagged this P.S:

Lusting over that cuff...droooool...didn't need to check twice to see who the designer was!

canadian cheryl tagged this to scrappy

now that's something I've never seen before. ....for the kids! Thanks for reminding us that although each day is a visual delight, at the end of the day, it's about changing the lives of children...

Mystikjosie tagged this Wow!!

FOR THE KIDS!!! Holly you got it!!! Pretty unusual!!

Laura Miller hootsramblings@twitter tagged this Brave

'For The Kids' Love it!

Anneka tagged this Batty

hmm- hope you are not planning on moving anywhere in those - they might pose a hazard when walking.

Tori tagged this utterly amazing

Those pants have got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen, and I think that Kayu is pretty sweet as well.

becsta tagged this ...interesting

you weren't kidding about the pants being demented. Not exactly an everyday wearable item, but definately interesting.


those pants are stupid

person tagged this trippy

Whoa, the pants are connected together!!

ammakke tagged this sensational

Was enjoying the whole excitement daily but regret that I could not write comments.....Can't believe that this AWESOME PROJECT is coming to a close..Wonder what will I do for the sensational dailies from May 1st!!!Excellent write up about the Global SENSATION U.P, in the L.A. Times...BTW a million thanks for that gorgeous Dragon Lily bouquet on our Ruby Anniversary ....God Bless on the completion of this great "marathon".....just 3 precious days!!

prutha Raithatha tagged this Brave

u r sooo totally my style icon!! there r only a few things i would say i couldnt pull off...these pants r one of them..and i have to give u credit for being soo fab!!! its insane how much im in love with u now!!

siwe tagged this original

my first thought was WTF, and realizing that was my first thought, I have to tip my hat to you. I've never seen that before.

Kayu tagged this Hot

The glasses look wonderful on you -thank-you so much for wearing them. And the pants rock! xoxo, Jamie.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Sheena looks good in this dress. But it looks uncomfortable to waer i think. ds r4

pimientaconcerezas tagged this Batty

How about for the LAST (Fri)day of the UP, we all show our support of Sheena and the kids and gather up all the fabulousness we can, for LBD Friday. This time, let's try to ring in as many friends as we can and get them to participate!

che tagged this Batty

I often ruin clothes by spilling something on them or ripping them etc. How have the dresses faired? I am not suggesting you are like me but..What is the worst thing that has happened? They are obviously very well made to have lasted the distance.

Claire tagged this Beeezarrrre!

But but how do you walk without tripping up?! Confused yet intrigued...a good state of mind for a Wednesday morning.

san.gri tagged this Crrrrazzzy

I would definately go mad if I had to walk around whole day in such pants, lol. I wonder how you do it - you're a true superwoman!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

looks uncomfortable and impractical - like being incarcerated

jules tagged this unique

...or like wearing a long dress. it's amazing how scared of something different people are. it's the same length and slack of a dress. it just looks different, which is why it is great.

noa tagged this hmmm....

creative or crazy? i'm on the fence

Linda tagged this Batty

Wow ~ please don't trip, Sheena! :-0

wasabipear tagged this Neverending

PANTS! Genius.

modernfigurative tagged this Wild

Wild!!! Visually excellent, a great painting that would make!


It means "For the kids". :D (I'm very proud of myself, it was an exercise quite difficult =D)


I, too, was wondering how you'd walk in those, but I guess @jules is right - it's same as wearing a dress/skirt, just formed differently.... ONLY 3 DAYS!! Sigh.

Betty Anne tagged this Brave

Love the pants, stockings and pumps together. What a great way to accessorize the dress today! <3

sally tagged this Brave

@ ammakke we missed your enthusiam & positivity where have you been?

Anonymous tagged this ooooooooooooooooooooooH

Outrageous When I move my body When I'm at a party In my sexy jeans When I'm on the scene


awesome and interesting. but truly, only you could pull this off.

jolly M tagged this expect the unexpected

unusual..unique make & wear 0f a denim...why not? all for the kids..I am fascinated by the striking angular white pattern by the hem of your black dress & the blue denim, intented or not !!Also if one focusses on the white pattern for a while the denime can be visualised as an unusual skirt with a white angular patch...anybody wants to try ?

Farmer Beth tagged this Paradigm Shift

This shifts the way space gets defined when wearing basic pants or skirt/dress. Having grown up in a subcluture where women/girls were encouraged/mandated to wear dresses or skirts, I love the way this plays with the whole definition of what we wear. It feels a little revolutionary, somehow. (My security words are "the kulyabko." What the heck is that?)

Jesse tagged this A Fond Farewell

I am so sad for the U.P. to end. It has changed so many lives including mine and 214 kids in India. I cried while watching the picture book.

Ramon tagged this 4 more days!!!!!!!!!

Those pants wud b g8 fer a pregnant mama -- catch da baby as it falls outta tha birth canal. U keep it intristing.

Deepa tagged this Brave

How does that pant/skirt thing even work??? wow! super cool


Bahahaha, what a loopy outfit! You kill me!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

The pants...Ahhh! Not a fan of the pants, but the rest of the ensemble I do like :)

LM tagged this AWESOME!!!

Oooo, the pants are COOL! I love the stripy socks and purple shoes too!

Kim tagged this Yowzah!

They say nothing is truly original at this point. I'm not so sure ... those pants are like nothing I've ever seen!


Can April 30 be the (last) LBD Friday for all to participate one (last) time?

christine tagged this loop de loopy

you just keep it exciting right till the end! seriously, sheena, only you can pull this off!

christine tagged this shady lady

p.s. - how could i forget to mention how wicked those sunglasses are?!? love them!


Hello, i'm from Brazil and I loved your project! Why don't you publish a book??? xoxo