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April 10

This day belongs to la.
"in memorial to josepha motyka, woman of original fashion until the very end of her 95 years and grandmother extraordinaire. forever loved."
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Day 341. Tue, April 06 2010

Cloak and swagger

Handwoven harem pants from FabIndia worn as a cloak, tights from Sockdreams and vintage pumps from eBay.

2 days left on the first wave of auction items. Have you placed your bids yet?


Judith tagged this Fabulous

Magic with the harem pants. How do you do that?!

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Hot

I wish this came with a star rating bc I'd give it a 5!

Mara tagged this Cute

Those tights are fabulous.

Betty Anne tagged this Hot

Ooh, I love this! Stripes and more stripes, and it all works so fabulously together! <3

florqui tagged this Hot

love it!! love that kind of cardigan (idk how you call it in english). Argentinean fan

noa tagged this cute, cute, cute!

i love how you used the pants as a sweater! how creative. i also love the tights but i think the shoes don't really compliment the rest. this is one of my favorite outfits, i think.


This is just so freaking cool.

noa tagged this just a question

are you going to show the proceeds from the ebay auction in the funds box?

Janice tagged this Hot

Pants as cloak is just too cool!

ArtSizzle tagged this Cute

love the stockings! and the shoes but not too crazy on the cloak

ruby tagged this Batty

yes i've bid - but not enough :( woe is sad little me... gorgeous again today Sheena - well done :)

holly tagged this Hot

excellent tights and fantastic re-purposed pants! who would have thought?

Payal tagged this Hot

I really like the whole look and combination - it's so fresh and simple! You look a lot more relaxed now :) The auction starts closing from 3 am (Australia time), early Friday morning. Guess who'll be sleeping at work on Friday!


So close to 200 (but I know you get way past that point)! Way to go everyone. I hope that you will get to take another trip to India to photograph/meet all the lives you are going to change.

Irene tagged this Hot

Love the tights, and omg, I think I need to get myself a pair of harem pants now.

rachel tagged this Hot

that is such a hot look.

becsta tagged this ingenious!

wot an awesome idea with the pants. I so did not pick that until i read the tag. luv it!

bb tagged this nautical cool

I'm so feeling the red and white stripes. I would've never guessed those are really pants, A+.

elisabeth tagged this grrr tiger stripes...

who owns this day? Funky!

christine tagged this the one, the original

again with the pants as a wrap...i love it! it's just so freaking creative.

la tagged this delightful!

fun! adore the billowy harem pants/cloak>> wonderfully re-appropriated! my grandmother would have thought this was the most fascinating project (i dedicated this day, her birthday, in memory of her). wonderful job to all of you!

Maja tagged this Exquisite!

You know what? You're amazing!

speedy tagged this fantastic

love it!

moon tagged this Batty

LOVE that patterning and how you are wearing two articles in different colors, but still can layer the same patterning scheme...that's so hard, but you pulled it off amazingly!