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April 10

This day belongs to Elsa.
"The first thing I do every morning? Having a look to the UP web site> And each time I am surprising by the "Bon gout" and the way you make the "petite robe noire" unique. Merci, merci. Elsa "french fashion addict""
Each Ltd Edition U.P dress represents a day in the U.P calendar.
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Day 343. Thu, April 08 2010

Duck Rock

Vintage sunglasses from Treehouse, thrifted skirt and lace slip, pumps borrowed from scary's traveling suitcase. Hand illustrated pendants donated by Daisy D.

Joan Reilly of Life of Reilly Organizers has kindly offered to throw us a fundraiser cocktail party this Monday. If you are in the city, don your own LBD and come have a drink with us! For details and to register to the event, click here >


ina tagged this adorablest!

this is so cute - it's even reconciled me to socks with heels because it's so ridiculously cute.

noa tagged this oh what a lovely outfit!

this outfit is so chic!! it looks very eclectic and vintage... i love it! and those glasses are something else entirely. l-u-v the l-b-d.(and everything else) way to go!

moon tagged this Batty

whooooaaaa so many layers, but it works! love the tube! and the pop of skirt from the bottom!

Payal tagged this Cool!

That's a really cool look! It's amazing to see you pull absolutely new ideas out of the bag after 343 days!! Great job! Loving the pumps as usual! P.S: I had a blast raiding your closet early this morning! I'm sleeping at work now, but hey...I've got sexy UP accessories - no one can touch me!

Beth tagged this Try Harder

It could do without the "thrifted skirt"


yummy, head to toe.

Callie tagged this Hot

I loooove the shoes.

The Other Beth tagged this Brave

Oh wow, another prime example of how you can take anything and make it work. You're truly a trendsetter.

Inha tagged this sassy classy

So original, so timeless, so U.P. Awesome layering with really interesting accessories. I wish I could make it to the fundraiser on Monday, but I have class until 8:30 :( I'm sure it will be smashing, though!


love the lace slip & how you're wearing the skirt!

md tagged this If only...

if only I had not already bought a dress/day, then I would buy this one in a heartbeat. Lovely!

VivianaDL tagged this Cute

The shoes and the necklace are fab! Me encanta!

bb tagged this Cute

Cool octagons!Oh man, I hope I have money for when that necklace and those glasses are auctioned off.

mm tagged this Ebonette

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt6Co7EMNCU&feature=related Dark and lovely skipper

Irene tagged this Cute

I don't think the shoes go really well with everything else.

elisabeth tagged this lovely layers


ruby tagged this Hot

wow! want that slip - its beautiful! (too many exclamation points? perhaps, but rightly so i feel.) yay i won something at UP auction! it'll cost me more in postage than it maybe worth but its so worth it :D

Downunder tagged this Cute

I love those shoes. Remind of my childhood jellies.

Avatar tagged this cutest thing ever created

You look like the cutest thing ever created.

olia tagged this Hot

I love this dress and I love the work you are doing!

NKuprina tagged this Hot

It`s beautiful. I like it;D

Carole tagged this Hot

Heck, yeah!

christine tagged this lovely

just lovely! love it all!

EM tagged this Cute

come to think of it, you do kind of look like a duck with those glasses on.

Adelheid tagged this quirky

Cause I'm free as a bee flying over the trees And all the summertime boys All looking at me And the world keeps on buzzing the sound of my heart Going hmm hmm hmm And this is only the start Spring has sprung...indeed

prutha Raithatha tagged this Cute

aweee the necklace....