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April 10

This day belongs to Holly Williams.
"A birthday gift to myself- I can't believe my day was still available! What an awesome project this has been!"
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Day 354. Mon, April 19 2010


Fascinated by nature's way of slowing us down. S'pose the silver lining in this volcanic plume is that the ash has prevented 200,000 tons of CO2 emissions per day from all the cancelled flights. Plus our friends are getting to extend their holidays without getting in trouble with work. Yeah Lava!

Thrifted skirt with braces from Beacons Closet, vintage suede pumps from Odd Twin and handmade bow donated by Tiffany at Old Hollywood.


becsta tagged this awesome

haha! queen of the mountain there sheena :) love the skirt and braces, so cute.


Adorable& the green pumps push this outfit over the edge.

mm tagged this Respect your Mother!

Environmentalism with a sense of humor and style. there are a few well meaning hippies out there who could really learn a thing or two from you.

holly tagged this every cloud...

...has a silver lining...oh you crazy girl, what is going to bring a smile to my face when I turn the computer on May 1st?

nikaara tagged this smokin'

ha, okay except for all the CO2 and SO2 being emitted by the volcano itself! But I get your point. :) I'm really loving the sunglasses. By now I should be pretty used to you rocking pretty much everything you put on, but it still amazes me anyway!

Katrín from Iceland

I've never commented but visiting your webside nearly every days and always looking forward to seeing what's next.

riley tagged this rockin'!

This is awesome!

Noémi tagged this Tip top

I sooooo want the skirt, and the shoes... and the glasses! Wahou. Juste fabuleux. Magnifique.

wasabipear tagged this i lava u

RT @Eyjafjalla: You can just call me Eyja.

christine tagged this rising from the ashes

i agree, there's always a positive side to things. your first picture there is amazing! digging the bow and skirt combo. so girly.

scary. tagged this frábært.

ég elska eyjafjallajökull og þú elskan mín! ;)

gruvee tagged this saucy!

effing wicked!

Payal tagged this Top of the world

You're raising the game in this last week, and I'm loving it! Such a hot look. With people like you who have their 'green' shoes planted firmly on the ground, I think we'll do just fine. I agree with you, the Ash may just be nature's way of saying slow down and think about where you're heading.

Payal tagged this P.S:

Has the auction helped us cross 200 kids? Hey UPers...what can we do to raise our game now?

Irene tagged this Hot

Love the skirt. It seems like your outfits had gotten a major lift from earlier this year. Is it the gorgeous change in seasons/weather or is it the fact that the project is almost over? Either way, great job!

canadian cheryl tagged this Cute

stunning, had to look twice at this one! Simple but fabulous! Love the skirt and the message...

noa tagged this coool

wow!effects and outfit

rachel tagged this Cute

i think this is my favorite.. or one of many.

Maylis tagged this Cute

I'm not such a fan of this volcano since it ruined my only vacations of the year... but I get your point though. This outfit rocks as always ! Loove the skirt!

bb tagged this Cute

So creative. And those fabulous pumps are my favorite color. :)

Anonymous tagged this Cute


pimientaconcerezas tagged this Brave

Unfortunately, businesses don't always operate under rational laws, thus the upside of this volcano eruption can be a downside, too...for example...my company was supposed to have a workshop last week, for which a certain number of people were supposed to fly in...because it got canceled, now , the participants (twice the amount of people) have to fly to where the workshop is going to be given next week...more CO2 emissions :(...great outfit and picture though!

noa tagged this im going to miss this

p.s. those shoes... they're... INCREDIBLE!!! i worship (at) your feet!!!

speedy tagged this foggingfantastic..!

gorgeous outfit :) Xx


fantastic woman!look like a superhero.and you are.all these ppl are going to fly back and maybe more flights and chaos and calls and what not,but certainly signs to slow down and look are everywhere.one such moment for many is to pause and see what you are wearing for the day!its been such a pleasure!

jolly M tagged this Hot

Sheena, you look stunning against the Ash in your fantastic outfit.It's sad there is erruption of a second volcano when flights were planned to resume slowly!Any way this is a time for everybody to reflect & reduce airtravel as much as possible to reduce global air pollution.

okaylau tagged this Cute

At this point, we forget the Uniform is still there. Very nice! :)


Yeah, I kind of wish I was stranded in another country, as many of my co-workers are; enjoying the time off on the company dime :-) I do feel sorry for those who've been stuck in the airports all this time, though! Love the skirt, and when you show us the rear view so we can get the 360 degree vision!

Sara B tagged this Spectacular!

Love this picture!

tabokin tagged this Cute

Sheena, you look really good! Best one yet=) Can not wait for my dress to arrive!

Linda tagged this Hot

Sheena, you are showing such photographic creativity lately! I surely do hate to see this year come to an end! Today's look is amazing!


amazing how many suckers there are to buy this hype around a black dress! $180 in this economy!! people actually bought it! wow. and only $30 to the charity. what happens to the $150?! lol.


@ Noa you're a miracle!

A supporter tagged this Back up your smack

@whatizthis – I don't work in the retail industry but I think I can safely say that dresses don't happen out of thin air. Ever heard of production costs? Overhead? Mind you these dresses aren't being mass produced in some cheap, unethical, third world facility either. I'm also guessing the website and everything the U.P has done this year also didn't come out of thin air. It probably involved actual toil and handwork of some committed individuals. Do you assume that if you work for a non-profit people don't need to get paid? How does it work in your world?


The "cheap, third world, unethical" facility you are talking about have been created by none other than companies of the first world, of which I am sure you are a citizen. If the so-called first world did not exploit the so-called third world for all these centuries, we wouldn't need charities and nonprofits to "alleviate" poverty and provide education. The world would have been more just and equal. In my world people do not charge crazy amounts for clothes. We can get the same stuff from a local weaver, who got the cotton from the local farmer, all for under 20 US bucks.

carissa tagged this sohotwaitress

omg lllllooooooovvvvvveeeeeee iiiiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

Another supporter tagged this LOL

@"whatizthis" you must be so jealouzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........at the success of the Uniform Project, dear "whatizthis"!!!LOL


jealozzzzz, no. amazed, yes.

Adelheid tagged this @whatisthiz

The fabric from a local farmer for under 20 bucks? Maybe (if you live in Montana) The labor gone to design and production in New York City for under 20 bucks? Maybe (if you are talking about an hour's wage on the low end) And then there is, oh let's see, the buttons, transport to and from facilities, shopping for the fabric time, production facility rent ... at the quantity that its being produced that puts me at 150 bucks dress cost easily... Greetings from a 1st world citizen bus maj, who up until this point NEVER spent that much money on a dress, but considered this one well worth it.

Adelheid tagged this @whatisthiz

Also, I find your argument about "1st class citizens bringing about 3rd world countries" a bit nearsighted. It already happened and can't be undone. But does it mean, just because we happened to be born into a culture of mass production and consumerism and have taken too long to see the misery it brought about, we are not supposed to at least try to remedy it in the little ways we can? I am curious, you were talking about "your world" - wherever might that be?

tlr tagged this Brave

Not so much that the outfit is brave, but you are brave for saying what half of us are already thinking: seriously, in this day and age who MUST fly??

Payal tagged this thisizit.

Hey @whatizthis:Look at the 354 dailies, look at the funds box in the corner, and then look at all the comments. A lot of thoughts, ideas and habits have been improved in here. A lot has been learnt. Yes, countries have been exploited, and unfortunately, they will continue to be. But that doesn't mean people can't try to start a change? It all starts with a small step. The Uniform Project is one such step. You don't need to support it if you don't, but those of us who donate/ buy/ bid for the UP, do it with an educated mind and an open heart. Not in the name of charity, but in the name of a better life. Oh, and Ditto Adelheid & the 2 supporters :)

christine tagged this just one girl's opinion

just my personal opinion, but it makes perfect sense to spend $150 on an ethically made dress that you can wear 365+++ ways. durability, versatility, and cost per wear (not just the initial cost of the garment) should all be taken into account. sheena's project has proved that this dress delivers in spades.

WhatisWrongwithWhatisthis? tagged this Brave

@Whatisthis: I am sorry you sound bitter in life. I agree with all the supporters here. This is about more than the dress itself. I couldn't buy as I couldn't afford it. But the ideas this project gave me of playing with accessories and using what we have already and not spending wastefully on clothes has taught me a lot. If we all don't strive to make a change, who will?

Beth tagged this Jumping into the Fray

Oooooh, that comment by whatizthis really sparked a lot of controversy! And I want to join in. I happen to buy all my clothes at secondhand stores--can't really afford clothes from elsewhere. But I really believe in making sure that the farmer and the artisan get paid fair wages for what they do. Anyone who can get local organic cotton woven by their local weaver and only pay $20 is cheating their producers.

Mystikjosie tagged this Hot

So perfect!! I love it !! So " à la mode"!! Great job!!

Hazelwood tagged this Cute

Always love the combinations you think up. My fav oF the whole year has to be halloween where you dressed as Edward Scissorhands. Will really miss visiting your website everyday. Fancy doing another year? X

Speedy tagged this @whatizthis?

‘If the so-called first world did not exploit the so-called third world’ key word ‘IF’… in the US you can get ‘the same stuff’ for under $20 too.. but that means local farmers and weavers are literally subsidising first world fashion trends.. Sheenas dress is giving $30 to charity and a decent wage to those who’ve made the dress.. Sending 195 children to school (and counting) is an amazing achievement.. and a dress for $150 with a decent wage to those who’ve made and the knowledge the dress has been made in an ethical environment is a small and well spent price to pay for the achievement that has been made. In this economy its more important than ever to pay a higher price for ethical clothes then cheap clothes that will continue the exploitation of the ‘so called third world’… What are you suggesting? I’d be interested to hear…

Inga from Iceland tagged this lava!

Girl! You're hotter than Eyjafjallajökull!

Canadian Jenny tagged this volcanic!

If only more people listened to these fabulous words of wisdom! Bless you fashionista! Rockin' attire! Yesssssss! xo

sarah tagged this Cute

i love this look!!!!

Manon tagged this AMAZINGLY AMAZING


Jesse tagged this confuzzling

Did you like, open a bakery or something?... On mt. everest??? Is that flour on your dress??? What's going on?