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April 10

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"You're doing a great job, Sheena! Love from Belgium, Isa"
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Day 360. Sun, April 25 2010

Funky Nassau

Give it up for the G train and this funk classic. Handmade vest, necktie and headband designed by the lovely Hartefactos gals. See more detailed photos on their flicker stream. Thigh highs from Sockdreams and vintage oxfords from eBay.


rebekah sager tagged this Cute

This is an amazing concept. I'd like to pass this along to all my friends and followers.

Marília Lacerda tagged this Cute

Liiinda, Amo completamente seu estilo.

mm tagged this nuthinbutaGthangbaby

the nassau stop does get funky as the weather warms up, doesn't it. funky nassau is an all time hip hop great. kool herc and afrika bambaataa will be proud.

Katie tagged this Hot

Absolutely beautiful! As always! Congratulations of the achievement! You deserve so much =)

holly tagged this Hot

fantastic pieces pull this outfit together; totally wearable, completely individual.


amazing. this is totally an outfit i would wear :).

Jane houle'

Our youth have so much that I think we can give a little to India and other countries that can use a hand out.

bb tagged this Cute

i love that scarf/necktie <3


I love the classic shoes with the out-there socks.

Irene tagged this Hot

Amazing outfit today.

Susan tagged this Arty

Absolutely incredible. Every. Single. Day. (genius)

emma tagged this deeeeelish

those shoes! that vest! i can't believe there's only five more days!!

wasabipear tagged this Keep it G

hartefactos is my favorite. hands down. eccentric, all stitched by hand, clever ball of wonders. xx.xx

hartefactos tagged this (L)

:0) thank you! X X X ! Unna

Payal tagged this On the funky track!

Did you imagine 360 days ago, you'd create such a global movement, and send 209 kids to school? It's inspirational because so many people don't know where to start. Guess it all starts with doing what you do best, whether it's fashion, art, writing or performing. And talking about fashion, for the 360th time, babe you've nailed it!

Kanako Uchino tagged this Cute

I LOVE your project!! I introduced it in my blog. I wrote it with the story from the traditional Hawaiian canoe called "Hokule'a" I sail with. We navigate by the stars and waves. We can take a few belongings (one cooler box), but the life on the canoe is so rich... http://kanauchi.exblog.jp/10492201/ (has 1000+ readers from Japan) my english site; kanaphotography.com wishing you & your project for the best!

MoveYaBody tagged this Cute

I think it's pretty cool

Anneka tagged this Hot

Over 75k - do I here a woop woop??

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I like this outfit, very casual and something anyone could pull off :)

Gwen Dagostim tagged this Cute

so cute bby! I love it :}

noa tagged this Cute

very cute! i love the headband.

Britwatch tagged this nostalgic

Ahhhh, my favourite subway stop of all time! I love reading the 'customised' movie posters on the walls. One in particular springs to mind - Pic of Will Smith in 'I am Legend' with a script that said The Last Man On Earth Is Not Alone....to which someone had appended in a scrawl HE HAS A DOG! Oh, am gonna miss this, Uniformproject!!!

Sancha Livia tagged this amazing!

Acompanho vc desde o início. Achei sua ideia espetacular. Torço para que vc tenha alcançado seu objetivo.Parabéns!

Judith tagged this a work of art

This concept has the potential to beautify the world in so many ways. Let me name just a few: first and foremost more children in school in India more interesting clothes replace the mass-produced boring ones which results in less pollution which sparks greater creativity and on and on

speedy tagged this awaysick for new york :(

I miss NY! Xx


how very inspiring. thank you!

ina tagged this Cute

totally adorable! love that headband

loren tagged this Cute

i can't put my finger on it but something about this outfit just works. super cool.

heynosila tagged this Cute

love it!!


love the necktie - what a way to dress up the Uniform & make it more unique. You look a little forlorn - like, "Where am I going next?"

Roz tagged this Cute

Everything looks cute on Sheena.

Emily tagged this Stylish

Love it Sheena! Very stylish today :)

christine tagged this love it

loving everything about today's look - amazing clothes against an amazing backdrop.

Bulle. tagged this Hot

hartefactos rocks!

KB tagged this Cute

The first picture isn't at the Nassau station. The platform is in the middle and the trains are on the side. 21st Van Alst and some photoshop maybe?


@KB - you know you're right. how'd that happen?? it musta been the photoshop poltergeists doing their magic in the machine. But the rest of them are all taken at Nassau, cross my heart ;)

siwe tagged this bravo

wow i really like the tones in this.. you can see it in the interior shot. they go together so interestingly, very original and good mix