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April 10

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Day 363. Wed, April 28 2010

Get your Mondrian

A big thank you for today's look to Goodone and Nina Dolcetti, London's leading names in sustainable fashion. Handmade shoes donated by NinaDolcetti. Backless Hoody Accessory and leggings from Goodone. Thanks Piet for geometry.

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canadian cheryl tagged this climbed culture

Checked in a few times in eager anticipation and wasn't disappointed. You've really kicked in up a notch.. and I didn't think that was possible.

Payal tagged this Psychedelicious!

You're not leaving any stone unturned on your way out! Spectacular look! The hoody, shoes and tights are just...brilliant! Love it! 2 days to go! Respect!

Hélène tagged this la classe totale

I'm dying over here, after the Magritte, now this! Chapeau!! and we will sorely miss the dailies...

holly tagged this worth waiting for

@ Payal, you beat me to the post - were you sitting at the screen waiting in anticipation? Well, it is worth waiting for, don't you think?


i like that hoodie! the different shades of grey make it. those shoes are awesome, too. only 3 more days! so glad, yet sad.

annie tagged this wow

wow. wow. wow. Sheena, you really are a genius! That hoody is amazing!

Tara tagged this me likey!

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I'm so sad I won't be in town for your last hurrah. But I will be watching the final countdown from Paris!

JanineB tagged this Gobsmacked with delight

Brilliant... definitely finishing with a bang!

riley tagged this kick-arse!

You're really looking to go out with a bang, aren't you!? This one is *fantastic*!

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

i think this might be my favorite one yet. i might just really love geometry :)

Payal tagged this @holly

Yep! I had lunch at my desk...! It's the last 3 days, I don't want to miss a thing. And this look is totally worth the wait.

Tia tagged this Brave

Favourite look of the year, by far!


definitely jealous of the hoody!!

ashton tagged this Hot

LOVE the backless hoody. Thanks for spreading the word about so many great designers who do sustainable fashion.

Adelheid tagged this DeStijl-ish

Look here, ladies and gents, Sheena Matheiken's admission essay to the Bauhaus. Too bad she is about 90 years late. With this outfit, Gropius would have definitely admitted her: it's practical, serves a higher purpose and in its geometrical way undeniably appealing.

Dom tagged this Mondrian j'adore...

Almost there Sheena! Can't wait to have you guys over! Much love.

Irene tagged this Hot

As this project is ending with a flair, I have to say, I'm going to miss having this as part of my daily routine.

My wish tagged this Try Harder

I would love to see you post a picture of you smiling with your teeth showing. You never do! Why not?


Oh Sheens, what a hoot you are! Not loving the photoshop touches but can't win em all. Go wild in the last 2 days girlfriend!

elisabeth tagged this Batty

glad you survived yesterday's outfit (did you really get around in them all day?). But you have lost your arms in the red photo today, or someone has gone a bit OTT w. photoshop....

Myra Winter

What a great finale and what a genius idea to use this theme! Will miss it.

christine tagged this fabulous as always

and the surprises just keep on coming! love this look! what, oh what, is in store next?!?

noa tagged this abolutely darling

this looks so mod and cool and COZY. this i think is my favorite outfit so far. and the shoes are absolutely fabulous.


Somebody posted yesterday saying you should publish a book.. I couldn't agree more. Have some of the proceeds go towards Akanksha! Also, great hoody accessory.

Helen G tagged this Terrific!

I love the shout-outs to modern art. It made me giggle -- in a good way!

ammakke tagged this magnificient

"All good things come to an end", right?? Feeling sad but happy that this awesome project has won global recognition beyond compare!!Hats off to each & everyone who worked so hard day & night for the U.P.Today's outfit is amazingly unique &I do look forward to your "closing' outfit on the 30th...

Phillippe tagged this Hot

Hello, I've been keeping up with UP since last May and I think this is one of my faves looks. Great job and keeping this up for the entire year. Very inspiring!

Ramon tagged this Poopy

Nice shoes. Dat gray shawl thing maks u look like u crapt urself.


So unique!! @elisabeth: I think her arms are behind her... I won't be able to see the GRAND FINALE b/c I'll be working at my other favorite charity (behind UP): DC Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I'll have to check on Monday, if the site is still up & running! It's been a great year & my daily routine will be a bit less interesting without the UP to check & comment on. HAVE A GREAT REST!

Magan tagged this art chic

oh, deeeeeeear. i absolutely adore this outfit and the theme!

Sai tagged this Sheena making it work.

*Sigh* Sheena, I'm going to miss seeing you dressed up everyday. You've been a total inspiration to me in terms of your fashion philosophy. You totally Rock!

Jasmine M. tagged this Hot

I love it! It's looks like an ad from Studio Line by Loreal - amazing shoes!

jolly M tagged this Hot

Sheena, as a true geminian, you have shown so much creativity,versatality,mental power,artistic & social skills & no doubt you will fly through in your future ventures !!I am sure you will love to see the top Rt corner to show up 80K by May 1st...BTW today's outfit is super.

noa tagged this cant get the link to work

the 'good one' link goes to the 'nina dolcetti' page too

scarlett tagged this awesomely fantabulous

ack!!! total favorite! i will never be as fashionable, but sheena you have really been inspiring. girls with limited funds can see from this that they don't need much to make any outfit look fabulous. thanks sheena. and everyone at the up for a really cool year.

emma tagged this omg shoes

i loooooooove your shooooes. i wish i were a 6 1/2!!!