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April 10

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Day 346. Sun, April 11 2010

Here comes the sun

Sunday in the park in bare essentials. Wooden bangles from the Dumbo flea market, socks from Sockman, vintage suede pumps from eBay.


Emma tagged this Cute

Very cute :) Love the yellow socks!


You have a lot of shoes, don't you? ;-) But, seriously, i think you have more shoes than all other accessories put together! Love the yellow. it's one of those colours one forgets can look really good with black - it's warmer and mellower than white, elegant and girly at the same time.

christine tagged this simply perfect

loving the simple, clean look. you know a dress is good when it can look just as good dressed down as it does dressed...UP!

sarah tagged this supercute!

i am supremely jealous of whatever weather allows you to dress like that!

Josie tagged this Cute

That's a lot of leg!(in a totally good way)You look so summery and cute - can't wait to get mine :)


The yellow reminds me of spring.

j tagged this HOT- flaming ball of gas

This is actually quite genius. It makes me smile, yet isn't overdone. One would think that it's easier to wear simple things, but this takes guts. The look in the first picture seems to be saying, "Yes. I did dare to wear this." I love it!

jesse tagged this good

nice and plain. i like it.

Jenna tagged this Precious with a pop!

You are SO freskin' creative, Sheena! Every single day of the year. Wow!

bb tagged this Cute

Basic but lovely. The dress shines so much by itself. <3

ina tagged this perfect!

This is simple and striking, what a great combo!

wasabipear tagged this Prince

would approve.


sweet and simple. Hope you get to relax in the park today. You and your team deserve a holiday really soon.

rosalafae tagged this Hot

I love this. Minimalism isn't normally my thing, but you look lovely. Really shows off the full potential of the dress, too.

noa tagged this simply adorable

it's very sweet, but very simple. maybe a leeeeeeeeetle too simple, but the dress looks so pretty on it's own, and i love those socks.

Payal tagged this Cool!

So cool to see the good 'ol uniform on its own! The shoes and socks make a stylish smiley face.


nice & simple for a relaxing day in the park

gruvee tagged this Cute

liking bare essentials

Beth tagged this Sunny

As the year winds down, it's nice to be reminded that it is a dress on its own merits, and doesn't always need much accessorization. This is a really lovely look.

minnesota-gal tagged this Cute

it's not the dress that makes the girl, it's the girl that makes the dress. cute look sheena.

Irene tagged this Cute

A nice simple sunny ensemble perfect for a sunny Sunday.

Pear Picker tagged this Delightful

I'm just mad about Saffron. A-Saffron's mad about me. I'm-a just mad about Saffron. She's just mad about me. They call me Mellow Yellow, Quite rightly. They call me Mellow Yellow, Quite rightly. They call me Mellow Yellow.

Zara tagged this Cute

Gorgeous! Simple, yet stylish and fun.

Ece tagged this Cute

i love the simpleness of today's combination.it's very good and i like all the yellow things :)

Derek tagged this Hot


Anonymous tagged this Hot

you have gorgeous legs! Loving the yellow socks. will have to immediately ebay for some now

Blackstone tagged this Strong Basic

I adore these socks. Where does one procure such a thing!

prutha Raithatha tagged this Cute

loveeeee this...its simple and sweet..and i love it!!!