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April 10

This day belongs to Sassy.
"Hey, it's taking a punt choosing a day that hasn't appeared as I choose it ... but this day is my beautiful friend Rosalie's birthday, and the LBD looks fabulous every single day anyway ... I promise to wear it with pride here in the provinces of NZ!"
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Day 353. Sun, April 18 2010

Hitchhikers guide

Thrifted sweater, studded belt donated by Sosuke, tights from Sockdreams and vintage pumps from eBay.

Straw summer hat donated by Oraia Reid of RightRides, a Brooklyn based non-profit that offers women, LGBTQ and gender nonconforming individuals a free, safe late-night ride home through high-risk areas of NYC. Learn more about RR at RightRides.org >


christine tagged this simple with a twist

love that hat on you...and yet another amazing cause!


I think you have so made the LBD a part of your persona that you will find it hard to give it up. This look is HOT and COOL!

holly @ Sassy

Congratulations on picking this sight unseen, you've done well!

gruvee tagged this Hot

shexxxy minx!

riley tagged this saucy

Another win!

bb tagged this Hot

Idk if it's the angle but you look really tall in these pictures! I love how the sweater looks on you but I think I'd love it more if it was buttoned up.



NoƩmi tagged this Hot

Wow, that's a Audrey Hepburn kinda look! I like it :)

Cindy tagged this company vinton

I want this hat!!!!!

oraia tagged this fantastic!

I love this look and thanks for the shout out!

Anonymous tagged this the bee's knees

Today's outfit seems very 1920s to me, very cute :)

Payal tagged this Just cause.

You know what's great about what you're doing? Today's look is so simple, and yet you make it look so spectacular. And like that, your method is so simple, but your messages are so powerful. Can't wait to see what's in store for next month!

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

yes, Yes, and thrice YES!!!

noa tagged this yay!

!!!!!!!!!! i <3 hat, shoes, tights, belt, sweater... &lbd! cute

wasabipear tagged this Ma Velous

dahling, a smashing success. i'd take you on the handles of my bicycle in this outfit any day.


love the tights! And the fact that you're championing great causes until the end! Only a short time left; what will we all do without UP to check each day?! :-(

okaylau tagged this YES! :D

the best!!

Irene tagged this Hot

A year is almost over, and yet you still manage to look fabulous. Love today's outfit.

annie in ireland tagged this graphically gorgeous

Love the tights/sleeves combo!!x

Jess tagged this Hot

I have vintage shoes just like those!

elisabeth tagged this Hot

Hey Sassy - the lbd is very sassy today!

anouk tagged this Cute

this outfit is great! i love how the accent on the hat matches your shoes. however you are looking a bit thin, may you should eat something...?

pimientaconcerezas tagged this ronja robbers daughter

You are almost done...thanks for still keeping it fab each day! I am excited to see what next, but also sad we won't get to see anymore outfits...

Tyler Mackie tagged this Hot

Yes! This is April's best by far.

jolly M tagged this Brave

Hi Sheena, you look fabulous in this outfit-the hat & the shoes;the belt & the tights;and ofcourse the sweater-You look quite tall in this too !love it

jolly M

BTW it was meant to be "hot"-not brave !

Ramon tagged this Count Down Begins

Is anyone else as ECSTATIC to know there are only 2 weeks left of Sheen's ridiculous outfits? May 1 can't come soon enough. (Please give me COTD!!!)

che tagged this Cute

awesome look. I am getting sad as the days are counting down..

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

hellooo sexy!!!

em tagged this RAWR!!!!!

Wow! You're like and modern-day urban Robin Hood!!!