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April 10

This day belongs to Marta.
"Me parece un proyecto precioso, por su finalidad y por la creatividad que derrocha. Mis más sinceras felicitaciones!!! (desde Madrid, España, Marta, http://martamiraalrededor.lacoctelera.net)."
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Day 364. Thu, April 29 2010

Hold on for one more day

Words fail to capture the multitude of emotions welling up as the curtains draw near. So I defer to Wilson Philips >

Thrifted onesie donated by Jackie Sumell. Vintage pumps from ebay.

1 DAY LEFT! Donate, Share, Retweet and help us make a final boost in funds for the kids!


1 girl, 1 dress, 1 year. U.P's countdown to May 1st : 1 DAY LEFT. Donate, RT & help the cause!


Anneka tagged this Batty

Parachute suit - Love

elisabeth tagged this Hot

FUN! Oh but its the second last day and I am also so sad :(

Betty Anne tagged this Hot

Oooh...now THAT'S HOT. :D <3 Love this one so much.

Mara tagged this Totally Eighties

Looove the shoes.

Payal tagged this Emipre state of mind

You fit right in with the gorgeous, powerful skyline of the city. You deserve to stand tall and proud. And I'm sure this is not the last of you that we've seen.

Lnchou tagged this Hot

Can't wait for the finale. I guess it's going to be magnificent. Go Sheena! For the kids!

Payal tagged this ...

...of you. Last that we've seen of you! You have been...correction, you are an inspiration.

speedy tagged this stunning

stunning dahhling stunning!


Am so incredibly impressed by this project. Have not seen all outfits on the day itself, but every time I spot a Tweet from you I do check it out. Question is, will you ever wear this dress again after a whole year of it? And have you already been shopping for the new year?

purplecupcakes<3 tagged this Lovely Beyond Lovely

Stunning =D I will miss looking at your breathtaking outfits after tomorrow. Amazing job :)


Love the burst of color against the NYC Skyline, and the contrasting pumps! NYC - where it all began & pauses (hopefully not ends) - with so many locales in between & so many international personalities standing behind you, as is the skyline!!! We're all feeling that well of emotion - you've really drawn us all in over these past 364 days & I'm sure you could never have imagined the love that could be generated for Akanksha one year ago!


I think a year in your life is a fair time to give to us all; the project would not be what it is if it was never ending. It will remain in a special place in our hearts and minds. Thank you, Sheena, Eliza and all the other unseen people who have changed lives of children we may never meet. x


And did you notice that Wilson Philips are even wearing their own LBD's in the video!!!

Antipodean tagged this Sky's the limit

I take my cyber hat off to you, Sheena. You've been an inspiration to my daughter and me. Downunder, if you read this, know that you've picked yourself a fine role model. Blessings to you, Sheena. And thanks for the music. I'm sure we'll be seeing you around.

noa tagged this wow

this outfit packs a huge punch! what a statement! (and what a beuuuuuuutiful view of the city) i am so sad that this chapter is coming to an end, but i'm also so happy about what has been accomplished... p.s. what on earth are you going to wear on saturday? will you feel wierd without the dress? will you have an identity crisis?

wasabipear tagged this Olive Juice

Oh honey chyle, I could eat you with a spoon. Hotness 5000.

holly tagged this one last push...

Oh, I just got my tax return! Hooray! donation coming your way x x x


I'm with Payal...I'm thinking this isn't the last that we'll be seeing of you :). Love this look :).

Ramon tagged this Pink, fer sher

I actully like tha jumpsuit believe it r not. Do u ever werk?

Irene tagged this Hot

Only one more day. :(

christine tagged this inspiring

can't believe there's only one day left. congratulations on changing lives and minds. xo


Right now, it's all 7's: $77,777! Lucky 7!

birdsofafeather tagged this Red Hot's

wow! I'm overwhelmed! wilson phillips, the NYC skyline, $77,777.00 - YOU are a ROCKSTAR!! I will miss the UP and wear my accessory from 8/7 proudly! what will you do next?! xoxo


Hot stuff!

jolly M

Sheena , you've HIT THE JACKPOT now with all the "7"s & You may start the party now !!

Tori tagged this Hot

I am so sad for tomorrow! As always,you look amazing, and I would kill to have your shoes.


Amazing project! Will miss clicking on The Uniform Project weblink in my favorites folder :(

Ebony tagged this Brave

I cant believe its only one day left - so so sad. Love the colour, so bright and so happy!

rachel tagged this LOVELY

birthday outfit! i love. sheena, you and your project are beautiful. thanks for all that you've done. :)


LBD it be best if you just wore the dress... all you need is love, thank you and namaste

lulu tagged this Brave

She-to-the-Eena! Wow, you are pretty damn brave to pull this off! Can't wait for the big send off tomorrow! Woot woot

Payal tagged this can't....breathe...

...my...box...just...arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The anti-climax? I'm at home sick and the delivery is at work. BUT I'm getting it dropped here! I am just exploding with excitement! @Holly: you're amazing, reckon you're sending more than 2-3 kids to school already?


@payal poor love, get well soon. this way, for you, the UP will continue till you are at work on monday when you get your box! it'll be the consolation prize cos there ain't going to be a new pic here :(

Soumaya tagged this Inspirational

Words fail me...I am close to tears... thank God for Ramon! @ Ramon, are you parents still around? I want to adopt you... @ UP thank you...

Nikki tagged this Hot

I love this outfit! I've been following on and off for the past year and I adore you! I think you did a great think and I hope you continue to inspire others the way you did me. Thank you :)

crunchee tagged this Hot

Gorgeous Sheena! shine on,nice old song to evoke emotions,what a journey! Atta girl!

eloise tagged this Hot

what a journey!

Payal tagged this warm, fuzzy kinda love

@ holly: The first part of your message made me feel all warm inside. The second part made me realise just what we'll be missing. Well, on to bigger better things, I'm sure! I got my box dropped home :D Let's just say I'm a happy little sick girl. Thanks U.P, I can't wait to show off my UP necklace, Bahar Jacket, Orange knit scarf and more! All the best for tomorrow! For one last time, rock the LBD that rocked the world! And - big love to all the UPers who have made every day that much more entertaining with your comments!

Alexis tagged this Brave

One day left! Thanks for doing this Sheena! :(

kes tagged this Hot

ha ha - I love the link! Hold on for one more day girl!

Chris K tagged this Stellar

You're truly amazing Sheena, these last few days have been something to marvel at. Good luck with the last day, hard to believe it's coming to an end, or is it the beginning? Well done.

Linda tagged this Hot

So cute! And yes, it's so sad, but think of all the GOOD you have done and how you have shared your sustainability message with the whole world! It will be a day to celebrate, you'll see! :-D


love the song. love you regards from Croatia

MackeyBlue tagged this Fabulous

Thank you! I'll miss you and your project. I look forward to your next venture! Karen

Sophia tagged this Inspiring

I cannot believe your journey is almost over! Loved following your outfits, your progress, and the fundraising with this project. Good luck in the future.. I'm sure you'll go far xoxo I'll miss following your site. You've inspired many <3

scary. tagged this tune!

'doncha know, things'll change, things'll go your way if ya holllllld on... '

@ Soumaya (frum Ramon)

My parents r still aroun. We can b pen pals tho! I like pen pals. And I like April. And I like berfdays. And I like hawt dawgs. And I like beagles.