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April 10

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"Love Eliza's design and can't say enough about it, as evidenced: http://emilygoligoski.com/2009/11/26/the-uniform-project/"
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Day 337. Fri, April 02 2010

It's a Good Friday indeed

After 5 long years, today I say goodbye to my full-time gig in order to see through the U.P finale and move into an exciting new future. This day would not have been possible without the success, recognition and support that the U.P has garnered in the past 11 months, so I thank you all. A toast to the future!

Convertible cloak jacket and metallics tights from scary, vintage pumps from eBay and handmade zipper bracelet donated by Tara St. James of StudyNY.


Tia tagged this Hot

Very modern day Cat Woman, only flatteringly not skin tight.

scary. tagged this LEGEND.



wow, big change for you sheena...i wish you a smooth transition to this new chapter of your life. i'm hitting the paris flea markets this weekend...looking for something to send you when i get home! hope you have a restful weekend.

Susan V

Love this... very chic!!! Congrats on your new adventure!!

holly tagged this brave new world

congratulations!!!!! what a difference a year makes.

noa, jesse & chessy tagged this GREAT friday

we LOVE the way the leggings look with those superbly purple shoes! congratulations and we wish you all the best for the future!!!!

Chris Whippersnap tagged this Stellar

Wow, congrats! I had to read that a few times for it to sink in. That's really exciting. Looking forward to the home stretch.

Tara tagged this Hot

On to bigger and better things! You look ready to take on the world!

Payal tagged this Scarf now, tights later.

First the obvious, awesome jacket, you look great. Second, wow! You really have big plans for the future! Now I'm really excited to find out! Here's wishing you all the best - we know you'll rock it! Thirdly, that donation box is outta control! Let's aim for 200 by the end of the long weekend?

gruvee tagged this you brave thang you


beforetoday tagged this Hot

Sooooo excited to own my own LBD! You look fantastic -- I dearly want those tights.



Tally's Place tagged this Blessed

I'm so thrilled to see the amount of money climbing everyday. I wish I could have done more. I will continue to tell the world about your mission though, Sheena. Congrats on a job well done!

dayglozoo tagged this you are my hero

Besides doing such great work for the kids, you have been a tremendous inspiration to those of us who have followed you all year. Keep following your dream, Sheena. You've helped give me the courage to follow mine.

wasabipear tagged this Honey Chyle

yes yes yes

Irene tagged this Hot

Fantastic outfit for a Good Friday. I love the metallic tights with those shoes.

christine tagged this shiny happy

all of your amazing hard work is paying off. congratulations on whatever it is you have up your fabulously fashionable sleeves next. can't wait to follow the next adventure!

MJC tagged this Brave

Outfit isn't brave (it's cute) but YOU are... for facing change head-on! You are destined for great things.


WOW - how brave you are to dump the known for the unknown! I envy you, and am looking forward to what more is to come.... Interesting jacket - I'd like to see more! Best wishes!

Sass tagged this Brave

Good luck Sheena, if the UP is anything to go by, you have a big future ahead of you! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the final days! xo

Tanya tagged this Batty

u r the best))

ammakke tagged this Cute

Welldone!!all the best!!!!!talk to U from HOME!!!TAKE CARE!!!!!Looking fabulous as always.....

Sharon tagged this Cute

Best wishes for your exciting new future! I don't know what I'll do without my daily fix of UP.

Mille tagged this Hot

Cool project and cool outfit, love it <3

mira tagged this Batty

all the best for your future, Sheena! we hope to hear from you and your extraordinary projects very often!

Shell tagged this Cute

Congrats on going part time. I just saw your video on Stylelikeu. Hearing you talk about what inspired your project was really wonderful.

Adelheid tagged this Hot

So does going part-time for you mean that you now enjoy a 45 hour week at your day job? Security Word: Trousers First ...i agreee

Sara B tagged this Batty

Congratulations! I'm so happy this project opened up new options for you. As you fly out of corporate take a look at the freelancers union if you need benefits, best thing around until we get national care. :)


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