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April 10

This day belongs to knitlikeyoumeanit.
"Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for my birthday! I'll be wearing this dress as I travel the U.K for 2 months this summer. Thanks for changing the way we think of fashion."
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Day 340. Mon, April 05 2010

Last nod to winter

Harems donated by Mia, vintage granny boots from eBay, braided necklace donated by Sardinella Sardine Accesorios and handmade feather necklace donated by Noémie from her store at noemiah.etsy.com.

We're officially sold out of our limited edition LBDs except for the last 3 dresses that will go up for auction later today as part of 3 Featured Looks. Visit the auction and keep your eyes peeled for the 'Featured Look' starbursts!
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Where's the colour? This reminds me of something Stacey from the BSC might wear to be New York fashionable. All black with a miniscule half attempt at colour. I am ready for spring looks, please.


Spring is sprung...the grassis riz...I wonder where the colour is?


I like your just-black-outfits!!!

noa tagged this Cute

i really like the necklace

christine tagged this sophistifunk

i think you look sophisticated but funky all at the same time with that silhouette. and happy. very happy.

Jesse tagged this way to wintery

Spring has sprung! why are you wearing all black????

ina tagged this the way it is now

love this...esp. the little red bit like an emerging tulip from the wet winter soil.


great black on black silhouette.

Payal tagged this bye, bye winter!

Thank you Sheena, for giving us 4 seasons of fashion. Hot boots!

coco tagged this hopeful

...like a red winged blackbird - the first bird to return in the spring...

Payal tagged this :(

Just noticed that Tara St James' belt isn't up for auction.

ruby tagged this Hot

aaah! i can't afford anything from the UP :( i keep getting outbid on EVERYTHING on ebay! booo. Sheena everything you wear looks amazing - unfair :p you remain my enduring style icon though. beautiful.

Boston tagged this Cute


Inha tagged this brilliant

This is fabulous. Definitely one of my favorites. I don't understand why you should have to wear bright colors as soon as it gets a little warmer outside. Wear what you love and it will be beautiful. Like this.

Kiera Kristinsdóttir Taylor tagged this lovely

thoughtful but a little sassy in the pants ... LOL.

Beth tagged this Ready to bloom

@Kiera: Ooooh, oooh, ooh! "Sassy in the pants!" I love that! You get my vote for comment of the month. I love the outfit, too, Sheena--the feather is perfect, like a cardinal sitting on a branch about to bud.

Mina tagged this favoritest

i love all black and this is totally adorable. i am currently in a traditional mourning period after the loss of my husband and i think people do not properly appreciate the work that goes into putting together an all-black ensemble.


I love your shoes!