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April 10

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Day 344. Fri, April 09 2010

Moloko Yellocet

Vintage hat from Treehouse, vintage suede belt from eBay, thrifted gold leggins, harlequin socks from Sockdreams and staple Sam Edelmens from Alter.

LBD cocktails this Monday!
Joan Reilly of Life of Reilly Organizers has kindly offered to throw us a cocktail fundraiser this Monday. If you are in the city, don your own LBD and come have a drink with us! For details and to register to the event, click here >


Syd tagged this clockworktastic

Love the hat.

Susan V

love this outfit... the belt makes it!


A little bit Chaplin and a little bit Twiggy :).

ina tagged this Brave

glad someone else so the clockworkorangeish ness of this outfit. totally love it.

Judith tagged this Belt Envy

My rating says it all!

Blair C. tagged this Cute

Very Rude Girl. Love it!

crunchee tagged this spindledschneerson

fantastic! going strong and bold towards the end! something tells me its only the beginning though...atta girl!

noa tagged this confidence

i LOVE your belt, it's so bold! you look so super confident in this... and i also LOVE the leggings too. very cool!

Irene tagged this Brave

haha, how fun. I love the hat on you.

Payal tagged this I googled ya!

I had to know what Moloko Yellocet meant. And once I did, I couldn't think of a better name for this awesome outfit - and for the Uniform Project. Taking something as plain as milk, the little black dress, and spiking it to, well, blow one's mind! Have fun at the cocktail fundraiser!


part of this is channelling michael jackson. the rest? Cute as always .

elisabeth tagged this Cute

belt and socks are cool - less keen on the gold leggins - something matt would've been good - but i am boring. You my girl are exciting and cool and fun and boy am I gonna miss ya when the dailys stop... :(


love the kooky socks

Zara tagged this okay

I have a comment regarding the accessories auction - is there any way international buyers can purchase without prohibitive freight costs? I understand that delivery is FedEx only, which is quite expensive. There's a few things I'd love to bid on but will end up spending more on postage than the item itself, which seems crazy! (PS rating of outfit today is only "okay" coz I don't like that style of leggings)

ktya tagged this Batty


ktya tagged this Batty


christine tagged this dapper

can't wait to see what you're going to pull out of your hat next! love how you keep mixing familiar items up into new looks.


I'm curious when the money raised for the auction items will show up in the totals above.... Hopefully before the 365 days are up!


want that belt! gorgeously kubricky :D