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April 10

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Day 338. Sat, April 03 2010

New beginnings

The first day of my new life and the sun shines bright in NYC. Wearing a vintage embroidered cardigan and oxfords from eBay, pendant necklace made from discarded library books by Jackie Pst, tights donated by Tara St. James and headband donated by Judy Monihan.

Some tips on the accessory auction:
We will be releasing the second wave of auction items on Monday so keep your eyes peeled. This wave will also include the last 3 Ltd edition LBDs which will be up for auction as part of three head-to-toe featured looks from the dailies. So stay tuned.

P.S Two more dresses left in the store. Hurry and claim your day on the U.P calendar!



haven't been able to join in on the first auction, but look forward to being home next week and participating! Yay for sunshine!! SPRING :).

noa tagged this o, happy day

wow!! i love that vest. it is my favorite one of your clothes. the auction is really cool! i saw one item had 18 bids! also, congratulations again!!! p.s. come on people! let's try for 200 kids in school by april 30th!!


your team has brought education to some, inspiration and laughs to others. not too many people can say that.

Tara tagged this Cute

Is there really only ONE dress left... January 7th!? Someone's gonna grab it any second now! It's the first day of the rest of your life, S.

Jesse tagged this good job!

I LOVE your tights.

mm tagged this Muy Congrats!

Gone. All Gone. (except for the 3, that will be in the full outfit featured look auction next week on eBay).

wasabipear tagged this back to basics

wake up with sunshine streaming through my window and reggaeton blasting through some really bad speakers, go to Oslo for the jo and Jesus's corner sto for eggs. think ... man this is a great effing day.

christine tagged this beautiful dreamer

this is so exciting. april will be raining nothing but showers of love for you, sheena! you look so happy today.

Irene tagged this gorgeous can be comfy

I really like that cardigan and those tights! I'll suck not being able to look forward to this every day.

Payal tagged this Comfy!

For someone who just stepped into a new life, you look quite comfortable! Good on ya! Love the whole look today, so wearable, so warm. I've got my eye on quite a few things for the next wave...can't wait!

Adelheid tagged this Cute

oh...my favorite sweater vest ...hooray...congrats on your new life step... I bet you can give up all your jobs, once you realize that the security word check on ehe up comment section can actually be marketed as the best band name generator out there

jolly M tagged this Brave

Happy Easter & Best Wishes for your new venture (???), Sheena. Also CONGRATS on the fabulous success of your project.

sheryllatte tagged this Cute


moon tagged this Cute

very cute...so many layers and they all work together!!

Sumina Karki tagged this Creative

It's creative. One needs to employ one's mind to come out with such mix