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April 10

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Day 345. Sat, April 10 2010

Nishikado Tomohiro

A little homage to the video game maestro in a space invader-esque backwards vest hand painted by Violent Rabbit, donated by Chtitecousette. Vintage sunglasses from Treehouse, Harlequin socks from Sockdreams and suede pumps from eBay.

20 days and counting...



A very excellent vest. I wonder, do you dream of what you will be wearing when the project finishes, or perhaps the uniform will become like a comfy pair of slippers, to be worn like an old friend in the days/years to come...

gruvee tagged this Cute

cutie cutie cuuutie and a half!

Irene tagged this pixilated

omg, this is so awesome! Absolutely LOVEEE it.


@holly - I'm wondering the same...

Janice tagged this Brave

How do you possibly think to put those socks with that vest? Very cool and very brave. Over this past year you have made me feel brave, too! Only 20 days left...I will miss checking in on the outfit of the day. You should be proud of the good that has been done because of your project. I wonder if you ever expected to raise this much for the kids back when you started?

noa tagged this cute, but much more.

oh. my. god. this is adorable!!!!!! i love how whimsical it is... and that shirt... WOW. superb!! splendid!! serendipity!!

Amélia Lôbo BR

Love the glasses, and the socks. since yesterday I found yours looks kind of Kubricksh... love it


Love all the colors; I do like you in blues & reds! We should have a back view....


I'm curious when the money raised for the auction items will show up in the totals above.... Hopefully before the 365 days are up!

Payal tagged this Magical.

I love this look. The cuteness of the bottom half and the madness of the top half. Love it! 20 days...wow you've acomplished so much in this one year! I like @holly's take on the future of the uniform. I can't wait for it to hang in my wardrobe!

elisabeth tagged this Hot

love todays blues and greens and purples - nice one.

????? tagged this Cute

?????? ??? ????? ????????? ???? ????.

Chtite Cousette tagged this Cute

Ohoh, this top reminds me of something…

Calochortus tagged this Cute

Today's my birthday -- I wore an LBD and made a donation (my age + one to grow on)! Thanks for the inspiration and the Uniform Project in general! Today's outfit is super cute -- I love the colors!

monkey buddy tagged this Brave

I love the dress.Wish I had one. ^_^

christine tagged this 10,000 points

love the retro ingredients of today's outfit. you make it all fresh and modern.

aquadan tagged this Cute

are u selling them delightfull sunglasses?? aqua.dan@hotmail.com