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April 10

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"So many great looks it's hard to choose, so why not my birthday?"
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Day 339. Sun, April 04 2010

Power to the Peeps

It's a sunny easter sunday in Brooklyn. Kiddies, don't overdose on those marshmallow candies. Handwoven scarves worn as a wrap from Fab India, tights from Sockdreams and vintage granny boots from eBay. Feather fascinator donated by Tiffany from her vintage store, OldHollywood.


Sophie tagged this Batty

The scarves are a bit crazy, but somehow they STILL work?! How is that fair?


like the feather "fascinator"

noa tagged this power to the peeps indeed

what a great way to redo a scarf! you are looking very color-coordinated today (but i'm not sure i love it). the fascinator is fascinating!! i will be so sad once may comes and the UP year is over. p.s. how does that little "enter the words above thingy get its words?? sometimes i get the wierdest ones. "detoxing stonewall?" i mean, where did that come from?

scary. tagged this fact.


Rajini tagged this Cute

I just love FAB INDIA... one of my favourite stores. I really like the way you wrapped that stole around your dress.

Palaverist tagged this Cute

That's too cute! I think I'm gonna have to respond by donating a bunch of money to send a kid to school in India. :-)

mm tagged this RebelRebel



and power to the UP team - planning your end of year party yet?

scary. tagged this cadburys much?

peeps!! now I get it! I just had my first one - minging. they should be illegal. fact.

Irene tagged this Batty

You almost look like an Easter egg yourself. The top half anyways. This is so wack,i love the idea of the scarf-wrap, but it looks a little awkward, like a bunny or bird being strangled to death by a snake. Not the best message to be sending out today eh?

Sass tagged this a bit crazy

Happy Easter UPers! The outfit is a little strange but I love that you still have crazy ideas at this stage of the game! Can't wait for wave 2 auction! Wooooooo!


I just found out what "Peeps" are... never heard of them down in Oz...

Payal tagged this Fab Indian!

I love Fabindia, but don't think they foresaw their dupattas/ shawls being used like that! Love it! It's such a refreshing look...great for my long weekend hangover! :) Cannot wait for the 2nd wave tomorrow!

Davina tagged this redemption in red

just come to check out your look today and my 3 year old daughter indigo says "yes! it's sheena! can i see all her dresses?" she loves looking at the monthly view... i think i have a little fashonista in the making!

christine tagged this cute chick

love the modern take on feathered hair!

ArtSizzle tagged this Hot

I love the burst of colour, very nicely done. I co-sign :D

moon tagged this Cute

hahahaha!!! i would LOVE to be tied in that oufit :)