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April 10

This day belongs to ayano.
"I've been supporting and enjoying this project from Japan. Looking forward to the second year!"
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Day 359. Sat, April 24 2010


Ode to one of the great surrealists. Red tie, bowler hat and green apple donated by HAHAmag, an online arts and culture quarterly magazine. Thanks Davy for the photoshop battleship :)

We had another fun LBD Friday, thanks to all of you! All photos are now up on our facebook page >



You still aren't running out of ideas! The team have notched things up a bit as you head to the finish line. Very impressive line up of LBDs from around the world on facebook, and I saw UP gets a mention on frisky web site.

Katie tagged this Wicked awesome


Anne tagged this Hot

Fantastic idea!

che tagged this creative


joybd tagged this Tres chic!

Absolutely amazing!! Love your creativity, love the tribute.

noa tagged this surreally pretty

incredible!!!! and the outfit is lovely... fantastic!!! so creative!

Deedle tagged this Kudos to UP

could it be only 6 more days? wonder if you will wear every color but black for a while! Have enjoyed this thoroughly...the dresses & the project.


I love Rene Magritte, and i love how you have incorporated it!

wasabipear tagged this My Middle Name

is Renée ^.^ Stellar job lover, can't wait to see Magritte in stop mo!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

love it!

Susan V

This is sooo awesome... love it!!

Natalie tagged this Cute

BRILLIANCE! Absolute Brilliance!

christine tagged this photopop


Brian Wonderland tagged this it Bes!

This would such a lovely piece on my wall

Kes tagged this Hot

wow - another great idea! I am very impressed and happy to see the commitment and quality of what you have accomplished, not to mention the great cause that you are supporting. Great work NeyNey. We need more people like you. Love, Kes


Photo #3 is AWESOME!! Davy has SKILLS! Such a fun way to round out the year; can't wait to see what Day 365 will be!

Inha. tagged this splendid

Though I wouldn't have believed it possible, this just keeps getting more and more awesome. Please don't go! Just think of how empty my evenings will be! :P

Anonymous tagged this artsy

I love the Magritte tribute! :)

Caroline tagged this Brave

Quite possibly my favorite day. Love the concept and the execution. So sad but so excited for the final countdown.

Farmer Beth tagged this Excellent

Going out with a Bang! This is just way too cool. I bet Magritte would have loved it too!

sarah tagged this Hot

art history nerds unite!

Terri tagged this surreal-riffic

I can't say that I am at all fashion conscious, but your creativity has been a bright spot after many a long, hard day at my school in NYC. Congratulations on an inspiring project. Your Magritte look is wonderful. The image editing makes it breathtaking.

Zoé tagged this Cute

This is such amazing.

Irene tagged this brilliant

Amazing job! I loved how you stepped up your game as the UP project comes to a close. One more week to go! I wonder what would be the first thing you'll wear after wearing the uniform for a whole year...

Sophie B

What an adventure I have been watching. Every day a different response - light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek, business wearables, haute couture, costumes, grunge, avant garde. ball gowns, ethnic designs, of course vintage and now surealism, All with a little black dress that was meticulously, precisely designed to be worn on its own or altered with assessories from around the world. Dreamsocks, generous friends, up and coming designers, jewelers and your encouragers were all part of it. Brilliant choices of color, a real eye for shape, a whimsical plan for the complete presentation. I always had a reaction - a sigh for beauty, shock, giggles, a 'how clever'. being spooked, an 'ah' for the petite little girl. It was a honorable goal and you, the students and your audience are honored by your idea. I will miss you.

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HAHA MAG tagged this Artsy Fartsy Chic

You took the vision to the moon! Thanks for letting us be a part of this exciting project.


Photo 1 is what I'm planning (yes, I plan early...) on dressing up as for Halloween this year! I can't decide if I should paint an apple on my face, or design a hat that has an apple hanging off the front of it.

rachel tagged this amazingly wonderful

you are my favorite. this is my favorite. it made me smile so big.

Amy tagged this funny

amazing! I love Magritte!

dp tagged this Perfect!

This is excellent! What a great finish!

Joy tagged this Effulgent

Two Thumbs Up!

modernfigurative (Bobbie) tagged this ms magritte

ooh la la!

Payal tagged this Educated.

Wow! So in the last 359 days I've learnt about Akanksha, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, Herman Wallace, Right Rides, shopping, style...and so much more. Today, I've learnt about Rene's Son of Man. Thank you.

Sarah Hambly tagged this Brave

Amazing! So thrilled to see that an already incredible concept has grown into a highly complex, intellectually stimulating yet fundamentally altruistic community.

Sarah Hambly tagged this Brave

Amazing! So thrilled to see that an already incredible concept has grown into a highly complex, intellectually stimulating yet fundamentally altruistic community.

Sarah Hambly tagged this Brave

Amazing! So thrilled to see that an already incredible concept has grown into a highly complex, intellectually stimulating yet fundamentally altruistic community.

Maylis tagged this crazy but sooo great

OMG, I love it !! Thanks for my first laugh of the day, this is amazing !!!

rosalafae tagged this shlurgling

Words cannot even describe how much I love this. Maybe I should make some up - that'd be appropriately surrealist. Today is shlurgling.


your a genius!

gruvee tagged this wicked

<3 <3 <3

LaModeLaModeLaMode tagged this Excentric

I love it ! It't so cute ! ^^ And I like René Magritte very luch ! He's a great painter !

crunchee tagged this Brave

love your work !

speedy tagged this oh wow!

sheena it just keeps getting better! René is my fave surrealist! brilliant!

Semper tagged this Brave

I LOVE today's theme!!

Jose Mofongo Ayala tagged this Increible!

how you do that? nice one, guys!

Susan tagged this Cute

I am so sad I only found this blog today! What a marvelous idea.

claire tagged this Brave

Having been an art student in the 70's and making all my own clothes at that time, I am so impressed and awed by your project. The ideas are brilliant and your 365 variations are stunning...I wish I'd thought of this...so happy you are doing this now, when we really need to shift our focus.

the knotty hooker tagged this BOLD

the UP running for a second year?!? now THAT'S a fantastic idea!!!!

Marty Huyette tagged this Gritty

Fab! How about a year of artists?

Lauren Hawkins tagged this Amazing!!!


Tara tagged this ceci n'est pas une robe

Fantastic! So well done and the outfit looks really cute, too!

Josie tagged this Surreal

That picture always reminds me of The Thomas Crown Affair - one of my favorite movies - just amazing. You never disappoint. Only one more week, then what?

Mike tagged this Hot

For 359 days I have been waiting for you to do this one haha. I am so happy now.

o tagged this luv it

i've got a card with the "le fils de l'homme" that obviously inspired the first photo, on my desk! this one is pretty awesome - i love the outfit and the idea even more!


Special Thx from Belgium ! I will miss you next 365 days...

jolly M tagged this creative

Towards the end of the project, Sheena, you are giving us the best- in style,creativity,art&fashion.What a tribute to Rene Magritte....You have done it so well.How can you stop stimulating your fans with your creative skills and ideas? You have to continue your site with something else,now that you can wear any colour in 6 days. I am sure you won't disappoint your faithful fans.

Lucy Woodward tagged this Brave

That is absolutely unreal! Amazing.


This is good... really, really good!!!


HaHa, super!

growch tagged this Trippy


Anonymous tagged this Cute

This one is probably the most creative from your collection!

Jezz tagged this Surrealist

Magritte! OMG... so awesome! Sheen, your the greatest...