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April 10

This day belongs to jjhunter.
"One little black dress, one big step for my wardrobe. "
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Day 361. Mon, April 26 2010

She works hard for the money

Working hard for the kids a la the 1983 classic from Donna. Phil De Monte's original 1979 Donna Summer Tour jacket, stolen from Mari's closet. Handprinted tights donated by Gal Stern from gal-stern.com, vintage belt worn as a neckpiece from Odd Twin and shoes from scary.

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The photography is awesome! Love the sharp contrast of the black clothing against the dark yellow background.

Payal tagged this Fooxxyy!

It's funny, I can even hear disco music in my head when I look at this picture! It's so cool! Love the belt, love the jacket, love the tights, lurve the shoes! You look like you're ready to go dancing! It's my birthday today (the 27th, here in Oz) and that look is just how I feel! TWO HUNDRED ELEVEN KIDS! You really have worked hard!


after your homage to Rene, it's the sublime to the ridiculous. hilarious! oh and that jacket is in great condition considering it's 31 years old.

Scully tagged this I want my mT.V.

SO awesome Sheena, you sure are going out with a bang! Lots of love, Scully

rachel tagged this Batty

i'm not sure about the belt around your neck, but you continue to impress.

B tagged this Hot

Home stretch! Congratulations!

Tori tagged this Brave

I don't think I could pull it off, but the belt/necklace looks fabulous on you!


WOW - this is AMAZING! Love the tights! Can't wait for the last 4 days b/c you're really outdoing yourself in the last push!


I'M OVA U. HAVEN'T LOOKT AT UR SITE IN MONTHS TILL NOW. cool tights. good luck in lyfe.

wasabipear tagged this 54

Oh daaaahling, this reminds me of that time we powdered our noses on the balcony with Liza and Andy then danced our way down to funky town.

Jezz tagged this Hot




JessicaR tagged this Last Dance

I feel love for this project, and I love to love each new look. And I won't TGIF when this remarkable journey comes to an end.

L tagged this AMAZING!!

I never would have thought of that absolutely adorable idea! I love the belt used as a necklace, girl, you rock!

Lnchou tagged this Hot

I already feel nostalgic: what am I gonna do now when I arrive at the office in the morning and switch my computer on? This adventure has gone too fast, but I guess that time flies when you enjoy something... And I did indeed LOVE it! :-) Great job, Sheena! I'll keep talking about your project!

Irene tagged this Edgy

It's amazing how you can pull it off so well. I love the tights.

MJC tagged this Bad Girls

I still have this album...it was called a "record" back then, kids. It spun on a device called a "turntable." Sheena--thank you for your work, your creativity and your endless inspiration. I will miss visiting this site daily (I have not missed a day...ever). Thanks and congratulations! "Toot, toot, Hey, Beep, beep!"

Shebang tagged this Abracadabra!

Amazing imagination. Such an ingeniously simple idea. I've wanted a personal uniform all my life, but one that fits every mood, doesn't look like anybody else's, with style, versatility as well as ease of movement. You've done all that over and over!

ina tagged this love them 80s

where did those earrings come from - too good!


@Ina – oops, forgot to mention the earrings....precious vintage finds from the Dumbo flea market.

Kanishka tagged this Cute

hi... i represent apparel magazine from india. would like to chat with you regarding this project. please get back to me on kanishka.spenta@gmail.com. thanks

Britwatch tagged this Hot Stuff

@ person who wrote @ Ramon - methinks the poor lad was merely implying - tongue-in-cheek - that he will miss the Project. As will many. Way to go sistah!

mm tagged this ifeellove

@Payal Happy BDay!! @JessicaR you stole the words right outta my mouth. @Ponyo love to love you, baby

jolly M tagged this Hot

Hi sheena, You look fan..ta...stic in that 1979 tour jacket !Indeed Donna & Sheena works hard. I have just clicked on your Twitter site-the Los Angelus Times has given an excellant write up of U.P &your recent interview ...Congrats. So your fans can lookforward to a post U.P dailies ? Am I right?. If so that would be most welcome !!

ashton tagged this Hot

I covet those tights. Wow. I truly believe Sheena is a rock star.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

what now my love?

Zaza tagged this überamazing

Awesome outfit. Coolest tights I've seen. You're art and an icon. Even though it's been a long year, I'm sad the project is coming to an end!

Jasmine tagged this 80s for 80k!

A belt as a necklace! Wow - only you can pull off this amazingness! It totally works on you - So creative.


years ago... but school NOW !


I do love a good blast to the past. I know you don't take requests (and rightly so) but if you could pull a Victoriana (or, a touch of Regency, that would be interesting to see) one last time that would be great. (...) I am SO going to miss this.

Omega tagged this HOT!!!

omg, i love it! so hot!

noa tagged this amazing

this look is so awesome.

BethBG tagged this Wow

You're rocking it Sheena!

christine tagged this that takes disco balls!

from your head to your toes...disco fever. love the tights, love the pics, love the total up top!!!

Payal tagged this Thanks Britwatch!

When are you headed back down under?