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April 10

This day belongs to laurench.
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Day 350. Thu, April 15 2010

Sheena is a punk rocker

Ragged colo-colo t-shirt donated by leelee monihan, altered thrifted jeans, studded belt donated by Sosuke and the world's dirtiest sneakers from scary's traveling suitcase.
Long live Joey >



Oh my! Now that's different!!!

Sai tagged this *Woaaaah*

AH! LOVE IT! I can't believe how different this looks!

o. tagged this a-m-a-z-i-n-g

love the outfit and the photos! you look so different. makes me happy every time you wear the dress as a cardigan - can't believe how versatile that little dress is!

wasabipear tagged this 20 20 20

four hours to go o o ... Snoozer Loser and wasabipear give this two very enthusiastic thumbs ups!

bb tagged this Hot


holly tagged this you fully rock!

Oh, Sheena I love this photo! Bravo for a strong finish to a year of looks. This is so different from anything you have shown us so far.

ali tagged this Hot

haha, every time I look at your blog I ALWAYS sing that song! love this mucho.

Red-J tagged this Hot

i REALLY like this look !Its very cool and .. congrats ! :)

Big Fan tagged this Hot

Wow, I think this is the first time that you have worn jeans... Love it!

becsta tagged this AWESOME!

This. Is. AWESOME! Love the photo Sheena, and so different to all your other looks. I love the punk look, so gotta say, my favourite so far :D

violet edge tagged this Brave

love love love & want want want! a great surprise.

riley tagged this cool

Cooool! And now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head all day :)

Sara B tagged this Awesome!


Jesse tagged this punkey

good for you sdf WE DFUVO JH L,JHN p=-

noa tagged this punker funker hippo

warm feeling of communtiy and friendship, my homeskillet biscuit. cheers and beards, noa

noa tagged this ...

sorry, that was my sister who typed that entire comment. here's my real one:

noa tagged this i dont know what to think


Rae! tagged this Hot

Best one to date. <3 it!

Jesse tagged this hi

I did not type that comment about the funker punker hippo!

Noa tagged this hi

of course you didn't.

jesse tagged this elephunky

wow that is rockin' me pirate friend. you have punkalicious style that is super fly. dont worry bout a thing, cuz it aint nothing but a thang.

Irene tagged this WOW

A far cry from what I usually see from you, but it's still awesome! Though I'm a little iffy with how the uniform fits in. Nice change with the b/w photos. And I would love a pair of those sneakers too.

Payal tagged this Sheena IS a punk rocker

The bidding wars early this morning (for me) got pretty intense. So this look, this shot and this style suits my mood perfectly. It's the kind of mellow look that screams at you. To the people who won the square ring and StudyNY Zipper cuff...well played. Well played. :)


colo colo is a chilean soccer team! i have a mug.

dayglozoo tagged this I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

LOVE when the LBD becomes the accessory! Yes, you rock! And Joey is eternal!

Mansour tagged this Hot

Almost a year into the project and you can change the whole look of that original dress. Love your work.

Tori tagged this yea-eahhhh

That's pretty darn snazzy, I must say!

christine tagged this punk'd

love it, brilliant, hard core

Lexis tagged this Brave

There's something cryptic about this outfit. I like it.

Beth tagged this Perfect

Just frickin' perfect. Breakin' out.

Janice tagged this Wow!

It's sensational! Great job!

Lnchou tagged this Perfection

Well, THAT is perfection to me. Although the dress isn't playing a big part in this... amazing anyway!

Sass tagged this rockin

A nice change of style Sheena. You rock! Good luck with the last 2 weeks of UP!


who took the photos btw? I can't see your little camera remote thing!

Regina tagged this Hot


Kyoko tagged this Cool



Very cool and funky!

me tagged this on th fence

this is kinda cool, but the uniform feels sort of like an invasive species, you know, it doesn't belong. but, of course it IS supposed to go with anything...

Austen tagged this ROCK ON

awesome! can't get much better than being a punk rocker. I am truly going to miss checking out this website everyday. can't wait to see what you're up to next!


What a fun change of pace: I like it!


OMG - This is THE BEST LOOK you've had so far, and the BEST PHOTO!!! I LOVE IT! You're so cool!


And I think the Uniform fits perfectly, esp in photo #2!

Francine Boulet

Déjà 350 jours? Ce sera difficile de ne plus avoir ce rendez-vous quotidien avec la créativité...

Kim tagged this ripped and ready!

So unexpected! Nicely done.

Nana Soma tagged this Brave

wow!!! Sooo outstanding this punk rock attitude! The grafitti background, the Lennon's rounded glasses, the poses which is quite androgen, the black and white photo... all is perfectly fitted to take anyone to those first days of rock. You are truly rocking my mind!!!

Jeanee tagged this Cute

Whoa! It's over?!? Are you sad that you don't have to wear that dress any more?


omg, you DO own jeans, LOL. this is absolutely a great outfit, totally wearable, and totally different than what you've done thus far. also, love the b&w photos. :) awesome as always...

Lindsey tagged this Hot

they just don't make jeans like that anymore. this is great

scary. tagged this iconic.

you wear them shoes a lil too well loveen.. ;)

Anonymous tagged this Brave


ruby tagged this Hot

ooh love the sexy moody tone of this shoot! rockin' the dress as a jacket here sheena :)

rosalafae tagged this Hot

Possibly favourite of all time. YESYESYESYESYES.

Sue tagged this cool

Coolest so fare!

re tagged this Brave

i was wondering if you missed pants

kat tagged this Hot

ahaha, it took me ages to spot the dress. Not long now! Know your first non-LBD outfit?

gruvee tagged this hawt!

soooo different!

Scully tagged this BraveHotCuteRockOn

Just now seeing this! I've missed a few days! This is amazing!

lindsay tagged this Rocker Chic

Hands down one of your best outfits EVER!

Jeanne B tagged this Hot

LOVE this outfit. LOVE.


OMG - great! What a change from the other dresses/outfits.

Noémi tagged this All you need is love!

Again just Wow. It remember me the beatles, it's... fantastic!

vinamarata tagged this effing hot!

this is the most awesomest look EVER!

Nadege tagged this greenwich village hottie

oh yeah.

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

coolll...thats different!!

Iris tagged this Hot

OMG!!! That is the best outfit EVER. LOve it :)

CJ tagged this Uber cool

Very cool

ella tagged this Hot

all of the outfits are sooooo totally awsome i would do the same thing if you hadn't already done it.

Allie tagged this Cute

love it.