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April 10

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"Happy Birthday Mom! Jason + Tia"
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Day 351. Fri, April 16 2010

The Diary of a Chambermaid

Organic cotton boudoir cap donated by Puja form her store, mulmul. Preowned summer dress, tights donated by Cat and shoes from scary.

Thanks to all of our enthusiastic bidders, the accessory auction helped us raised a very substantial sum for Akanksha. We're waiting to tally up the final amount to funds box until all the payments and transactions are completed. But what a great turn out. A huge thanks to the eBay Green Team for their relentless support!


canadian cheryl

It's been a while since I've commented but still faithfully visiting and inspired daily... can't believe we're only days away from the end of the year and looking forward to seeing what's next. Love the outfit, by the way but that's nothing new! They're always spectacular!


What an amazing contrast today's outfit is from yesterday's! It's like you got in a time machine and traveled backwards :). Love it, love it :). Btw...hope you got the little gift from Paris! Just like everyone else has been saying, I'm getting sad that this year is coming to a close!


LOVE the summer dress! What are the chances we'll have 1 more auction for those items you didn't part with the 1st time?! It was fun, but some of you are RUTHLESS! :-)


like, like, like! Once again you've proved you're not afraid to take a chance. your rewards will be geat!


And I hope we break the "200 kids in school" mark before Day 365!!

riley tagged this striking

There is nothing that is not good here!

christine tagged this cute, cuter, cutest

could you look any cuter??? just lovely!

Irene tagged this adorable

wonderful. I can't believe this is almost over. :(

Payal tagged this Cute

One half li'l bo beep. Other half funky rock chic! Madly in love with those shoes :) Thank you for the auction. I haven't had so much fun shopping in a very long time :)

icky* tagged this Hot

ooouch°! absolutley stunning


mon dieu! je t'adore, un journal d'un femme de chambre est un film magnifique - le meme aussi pour votre vetements aujordhui!

radhika tagged this elegant

great going gal :)

mary tagged this Blatteration!

only a snollygoster would be caught in this or a fopotee of a person.

sarah tagged this Ahmazing

love love loe LOVE this !!!!!!

re tagged this Cute

little miss muffett

noa tagged this cute, cute, and more cute

:) cute. p.s. where does scary get those shoes???

noa tagged this cute, cute, and more cute

:) cute. p.s. where does scary get those shoes???


@noa, these one's i picked up somewhere random in barcelona..


oh so charming.

bmelody tagged this Cute

this look is awesome! very cute!


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