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April 10

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Day 336. Thu, April 01 2010

The final countdown

Kicking off final month of U.P in vintage boots from eBay and metallic tights from Scary worn as a neck scarf. This is the last leg of what has been a profound journey for me and hopefully a fun ride for all of you. Thanks for everything you have given to our cause and for backing us up all the way with such unwavering support. Spread the word, turn up the heat and let's get more kids in school!


@uniformproject's final month in the same #LBD. 189 kids in school to date. Donate, retweet, turn up the heat!


Janice tagged this Nice boots!

Oh no! Not the final month already!

Sophie tagged this Cute

Those. Boots! I want. :)

louise tagged this Hot

those boots are amazing.. you must be looking at a different ebay to me... where are all these treasures when i'm looking for them?!

Peg tagged this Darling

Very cute. What on earth are you and Eliza and the rest of the U.P. team going to do with yourselves when the project ends? I'll sure miss seeing the new outfit every day.

Jezz tagged this please dont say goodbye

no, last month! :'( amazing boots! i luv u sheena... u give us hope in eco-desing u really inspire me... THANK U!


Every girl should have a pair of coloured shoes

christine tagged this incredible

i can't even begin to tell you how much of a positive influence you have had on me. you've got me recycling, reusing and rethinking the whole concept of fashion. don't want your project to end! you look amazing today, as usual! hope you get to have a somewhat restful weekend.

wasabipear tagged this Europe is Grand


new yorker. tagged this DONATE NOW.

massive respect for giving something back in this world so full of greed, a little glimmer of hope that the human race isn't completely destructive and self serving .. good people still exist. and we're looking right at one.

noa tagged this de-lovely

april fools! those boots for some reason seem very april-ish and fool-y (in a good way). "hooray!" is right!

jen tagged this Cute

Are these outfits going to remain on line after the Uniform Project ceases? I encourage you to make them available please.It will be coming up Winter in the Southern Hemisphere and I'll want to check them out.

jen tagged this Cute

I've bid - from Tasmania.

Tara tagged this Cute

Less than 20 dresses left, unbelievable, this is so exciting! And someone outbid me on ebay. Beware competitor, I may be nice in real life but I'm unscrupulous on ebay!!!

Pear Picker tagged this Delightful

your boots make me want to hop onto a train out west and watch the sun go down.


Across the board, I think we're all heartened that we've made a difference, not only in the lives of the wonderful children of Akanksha, but in sustainable fashion. And we're all going to be disappointed when this year comes to a close; most of us are addicted to checking what the Uniform of the Day has to offer - it's the 1st website I check each day! It's been a great ride & I can't wait to see what will follow from this wonderful project. I'm sure your vision has gone beyond your wildest dreams!! Thank you for enriching our year!!

holly tagged this the boots!

i'm expecting to see 200 kids in school any minute now.

elisabeth tagged this Hot

those boots!!!!! love!!!!! happy easter. Now you just need to look at your toes to feel happy. They are spectacular boots!!!!

Payal tagged this No slowing down.

With those sexy boots, you don't look like you're entering the last month of the Uniform Project, but like you're marching into a bigger, brighter future for yourself and everyone who's come to know you in the last year. So for that, I thank you. Is it just me or can you feel the overwhelming love and choked words on this page?

mm tagged this TryHarder@theUPcommunity

200, at least by the weekend, please?

bb tagged this Cute

I'm gonna miss this site so. so. much. It's become an enjoyable routine to check the new outfit everyday (i know i don't comment everyday because although it's my home page sometimes i'm too busy to even use the computer, but i always look through the days i missed). Thanks Sheena and the UP team for coming up with such a cool and warm-hearted project. You've helped a ton of kids get their necessary education and you've also educated us on sustainable fashion while entertaining us with your quirky and amazing style ideas.

Irene tagged this Cute

Is that a shiny scarf I see? And those are the most amazable boots ever! One more month of the daily dose of UP. I miss it already.



tlr tagged this the boots say it's spring

oh my god the boots! the boots! and the perfect monochrome look to make them pop! Amazing. I can't believe it's been a year already

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Hot

Darling this outfit is about those boots. Oh My, the are amazing!!! Now I realized that the end is coming, I'm sad. You are a Hero!

VivianaDL tagged this Hot

I can't believe it is the final month. As a book lover...I can picture a book in the works. I hope you find an eco friendly publisher that can put together an amazing retrospective of your 365 days. I love this outifit by the way...the metallic tights as a scarf is genius.

ammakke tagged this cute

Can't believe, the U. p successfully completed 11 promising months ....& it is wonderful to see the huge amount beiing raised for our smart kids..I just love those vintage boots, they look so gorgeous...From 5th onwards I will be watching U from home, hopefully,Sheena..All the best U.P. team, GREAT STUFF!!

Ann Marie tagged this No foolin'!

I finally got a job and just donated and bid on some of your fab accessories. GREAT JOB Sheena and Eliza! No foolin' around here!!!!


Where, WHERE n the universe did you get those shoes? I haven't seen a pair that awesome in a long long while. Plus, it's good to see you still so cheerful and spirited, it's the hardest just before the finish line.

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

i want those shoes!!!!!!

icky* tagged this Try Harder

please dont stop! (try harder in that case)

MalteseLizzieMcGee tagged this Groovy boots a go go!

Love those boots.

moon tagged this Hot

wow honestly only you could make those shoes work with that outfit. it's gorgeous <3

Christine tagged this Cute

Adorei! Vcs tem loja no Rio? Chris