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April 10

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Day 352. Sat, April 17 2010

With love and solidarity

April 17 marks the 38th year of solitary confinement for Herman Wallace & Albert Woodfox for a crime they did not commit.

In 2003, artist Jackie Sumell asked Herman, one of the two unreleased prisoners of the Angola3, a very simple question:
"What kind of a house does a man who has lived in a 6' x 9' box for over 30 years dream of?"

The answer to this question has manifested a remarkable project principled in social sculpture, community outreach, benevolence and the ultimate power of the imagination, called The House That Herman Built >

Also, a new documentary titled In the Land of the Free, narrated by Samuel Jackson has just been released about the Angola3. All Power To The People.


martha tagged this fun

loving the plan! fun outfit x

Kat Marsay tagged this Hot

LOVING the pop of pink coordination!! It's also amazing the amount of causes you support and have publised. Power to you!

Tally's Place tagged this informative

I totally agree with Kat. Thanks for informing your readers about so many things while using a LBD. And thank you for supporting the cause of the Angola3.

Ece tagged this cool!

i love that sort of things and definitely this outfit is one of my favourites!!! just the best

holly tagged this memo aus

Since when did political activists become terrorists? Thank you for highlighting this cause.

wasabipear tagged this Befriend Herman


Rachael tagged this Cute

Ohh Nooo I only just found out about this and its nearly over.. :(

christine tagged this freedom belle

you truly represent fashion for a cause. thank you for highlighting yet another important issue. i can't wait to take in that documentary and learn more.

Payal tagged this Brave

In the last fortnight of the Uniform Project, you're still surprising us with stunning looks. Not only that, but you're going from strength to strength. Thank you for sharing the story of Herman Wallace and the Angola3.

Irene tagged this Hot

Stunning statement.


Kisses from Galway. Muah!


Kisses from Galway. Muah!

noa tagged this power to YOU!

thank you, thank you, thank you for telling us about so many different causes, this one i think is the most interesting story and powerful cause. how relevant! how gripping!

???? tagged this Brave

??? ?????? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ????????!)))


Thank you for educating us to a very important issue in our country! Amazing what those men have gone through! Can't find a US release date for the film....

scary. tagged this all power sista.

@colm, misses from new york :(

re tagged this Hot

so sweet!!!

new yorker. tagged this in solidarity.

38 years.. and we think we've problems...

NoƩmi tagged this Choubidoua

Ok, evrey day befor were fashion and all, but THAT is what I would were more, Cute, pink AND herman wallace? Wow.