$103,378 =
287 kids in school
Funds Raised:

A short film by The Uniform Project about The Uniform Project: what it is, why it was started, who is behind it and where all the funds are going. Spread the love!


Person Wearing the Dress: Sheena

Dressmaker: Eliza

Eco-Friendly Designers: Petra & Scully

Commentators: Cat, Growch, Gandja, Dani, Graf, Alice, Dutton, Slim, Shazaad, Gretchen, Davie, Yoshiko, Reema, Laura, Janeva, Blue, Lynnette, Naeem, Niki & Johanna

Music Arranger: Phofo

Lighting Designer: J.Garrett

Editing Assistant: Kinney

After-Effects Expert: Cookie

Graphic Designer/Illustrator: Sheena

Camera Operator: Monihan

Editors: Monihan & Sheena

Director: Monihan